How to Take a Proactive Posture in Network Security


Thinking strategically is the most important aspect of managing the security of a network. One breach is all it takes to compromise the reputation and integrity of an enterprise. A network security breach has far-reaching consequences that could take years and untold amounts of money to recover from. What is the best strategy when it comes to network security? Taking a proactive stance is the smartest way to stop attacks before they happen. It is important to think of the dance between network security measures and threats as a delicate game of chess. Can your current security solution anticipate the moves of potential opponents out there in the digital world? Take a look at what’s necessary for creating a proactive strategy for protecting your network from the millions of sophisticated threats out there.

Computer security TechieSense.comWhy Traditional Security Measures Aren’t Enough Anymore

There is an alarming lack of creativity when it comes to the standard security measures that most enterprises fall back on. Nearly every security strategy involves the following three components:

  • Anti-malware programs
  • Authentication
  • Firewall protection

These three protective measures certainly hold value when it comes to keeping a network protected from infiltration. They can be quite useful for creating barriers between network access and unauthorized users. However, the problem with all of these safety measures is that they have been around for a long time. Using them can be problematic because hackers have had plenty of time to master the ins and outs of how to get around them. In addition, there are some practical drawbacks that make these three common security measures less than ideal for modern networks. Many traditional anti-malware programs, authentication methods and firewalls can actually slow down productivity and workflow because they blindly block all suspected threats without serious investigation. This can lead to everything from blocked emails to client lockouts. The end result is a system that is vulnerable to hackers and frustrating for network users.

Going a Step Beyond Traditional Network Security Measures

They say that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. The fact of the matter is that hackers and cyber criminals have reached new levels of sophistication. A person with a keyboard and knowledge of network systems is capable of taking down an enterprise worth millions of dollars in as much time as it takes to press a button. Such high stakes call for innovative, forward-thinking solutions. It is no longer enough to simply protect a network once a threat has been detected. A modern network must be equipped to sense, analyze, neutralize and thwart any risk that presents itself. What is the smartest way to achieve this? A new breed of network security software called active threat intelligence has emerged to help enterprises preserve network integrity and keep sensitive information out of the hands of unauthorized users.

SSL ProtectionActive threat intelligence actually shifts and reacts according to the types of traffic it is detecting. It responds by continuously taking in information about how threats act and react when they come into contact with a network. In addition to offering cutting-edge protection, this type of network security provides one other important benefit. Active threat intelligence doesn’t just rigidly block IP addresses or lock out users the way many traditional measures do. Firewalls will actually redirect suspected threats to walled gardens instead of dropping traffic. This approach can also block infiltrators based on both domains and IP addresses instead of relying solely on information about IP addresses. The flexibility of active threat intelligence can make the life of IT staff members much easier because there will be fewer unnecessary blockages and delays.

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  The Importance of Having an Active and Alert Security Strategy

Relying solely on traditional network security measures simply can’t keep an enterprise protected in a world where viruses and threats are constantly evolving and shifting shapes. Active threat intelligence is superior because it ensures that active threats will be met with active responses. This new method of security is the only option that is capable of evolving to properly respond to each unique threat. Fighting intelligence with intelligence is the future of network security. The bottom line is that active threat intelligence makes it possible to be proactive and stay a step ahead of dangerous and costly threats.


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