Have a Casino Party at Home



So, you’ve decided to have a casino party at home, but you don’t know how to do it. Well, we have some interesting tips for you that don’t include real cards, roulette, craps or blackjack tables or casino accessories and still make your casino party a memorable one.

All you need is a PC or a gaming console. After all, it’s the 21st century, a time where technology is all you need. Make sure to use your imagination as well and build on the idea as you read this article in order to create a unique experience. Remember that this is just to serve you as a guide.

First you’ll need to invite some people, but before inviting them, make sure to decide on how many people you want at your home exactly and who you are going to invite precisely. You don’t want party crashers to ruin your night. You can even ask them to dress as if they were some Las Vegas high rollers, while the girls can dress in gowns. That will set the mood for sure.

The part where you set up your home for a casino party is probably the easiest part. Although it’s relatively easy to set it up with casino tables and basic casino elements, you don’t actually need all of that. It consumes much more space than our idea.

This is where you being imaginative comes into action. All you need for your home party is a PC, laptop or some gaming console that you can use to run games or connect to the internet. Of course, the games that you will be running will be casino games. There are plenty of casino games to choose for PC, PS, Xbox or Wii.

Furthermore, you can find an online live casino using an account of yours or somebody else’s and run the games there. In fact, you don’t even need an active casino account because casinos usually offer their games for free so that you can try them and decide which one you want to play for real-money later.

These games can be found at gaming-related sites as well, for example, here’s a fan site for Net Ent casinos and games. Make your pick and play them with your guests. But, it would more exciting if everybody took turns in playing the games for real-money, which is why you will need an active casino account. One person can make a deposit and you can assign someone to keep score of the money spent and won on wagers so that everybody can take their own share from playing. Or, if you decide to play free games you can keep track of the scores and give awards at the end of the party.

In order for everyone to see what is happening with the game, you will need a projector. You can rent one or borrow one. Connect it with your PC, laptop or console and project everything that is happening with the game so that everyone can enjoy. Or, even better, connect them to a big flat screen TV.

Everyone can take turns on the games, while the other cheer and chat between themselves with cocktails in their hands and a buffet in the corner. You can even ask some of the guests to bring their own laptops and use them to play together in a live casino dealer room.

Party2It is more fun to find an online live casino dealer room where all of you can enter together at the same time and sit on the same table both virtually and in your home. In the meantime, others can play some roulette or craps on another computer while all the action is being projected on a big screen.

You can even create a room to be the poker room. Make this a more authentic experience and supply the room with poker chips. A table and the appropriate poker setting with dim lights will do the trick. You can either use play money for the wagers or you can use actual money for a more serious poker time.

You can make the party totally self-run with buffet and an open bar, or you can make it a more interesting one. For example, hire a bartender that knows how to make some interesting and exotic cocktails. This will take the party to an entirely higher level and set the mood on the right track. It’s those little things that matter the most and make people have fun.

What would be your ideas of a fun casino night party night with friends?

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