Android vs. iPhone Comparison – Who is On Top?

Interesting Android vs. iPhone Comparison

Today we’ve done an Android vs iPhone comparison of the two major and most popular cell phone operating systems.  Which one do you like and use?  C’mon – we know that there are very strong opinions on Android vs. iPhone, so we can’t wait to hear from you on this!

So, if you have one of these two on your phone – find out more about more it!  If you are still in the deciding stage between Android vs. iPhones, then maybe checking out these comparisons as part of your decision making process is going to be helpful? What do you think?

Once you’ve checked this infographic out, let us know in the comments below which fact you found most surprising?  I know we had several points we would not have known if we hadn’t done the digging into this!Interesting Android vs. iPhone Comparison


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