Why Outsourced Software Testing Is a Good Choice for Your App

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The app market is growing rapidly but there are many apps that look great on the surface and just can’t meet expectations in terms of functionality, stability, or intuitiveness. If that happens, people may download an app you invested a great deal of money into and only use it once because they are so frustrated.

According to some statistics, less than a quarter of people who download apps return to them a day after initially installing them and some never come back. In other words, you may only have one chance to impress the individuals who give your app a try and if they don’t like what they see, they may not give you second chances.

Although the reasons why people don’t become loyal users of certain apps aren’t always straightforward, you can do a lot to remove or minimize many of the major factors that may discourage adoption simply by putting your app through a rigorous testing process. Outsourced testing offers a reliable and often cheaper alternative to uncovering all the app’s shortcomings in your own premises.

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Do Business With a Dedicated Provider

There are so many things you have to deal with on a daily basis at your business that testing might not even come into the overall picture on most days. Perhaps most of your time is spent interacting with customers, figuring out shipping logistics, or putting some marketing muscle behind your latest projects.

The good thing about an outsourced testing company is it’s set up to carry out methodical testing and solely focus on that task. Not only are the testing representatives thoroughly aware of the ways to go about making sure your app is ready for widespread release but they probably have special setups that are far superior to what’s available at your own facilities.

For example, they may depend on tools that allow for determining how your app functions on certain platforms that may be very outdated but are still used by a small segment of the population. Trying to acquire all or some of those tools is a very cost-intensive exercise and especially not a smart business decision if you only plan to develop a single app for your needs.

Tackle Major Issues Without Hindering Your Operations

Imagine the fiasco that could result if an in-house testing team uncovered a huge bug in the app and the only way to resolve it was to pull people away from other duties so they can put all their energy into the app. Besides the manpower issue that scenario creates, there’s another potential problem related to time that can be dealt with in a smart way by choosing outsourced testing specialists that are in different time zones.

Bugs TechieSense.comIf you specifically arrange things so the major testing occurs when your company is closed or at least not extremely busy, it’ll be possible to get bugs fixed without slowing down or halting the other things that are going on at your business.

Begin a Mutually Fruitful Long Term Relationship

Many testing companies that handle outsourced work can find issues with many kinds of applications on multiple platforms. In addition to revealing problems with web and native apps, these companies also take on testing related to mobile websites and games. To get a good idea of the scope of services offered at some reputable testing businesses, check out a company like https://qawerk.com/services/ and discover the services you could avail of by choosing a company like QAwerk for your testing needs.

If you’re even considering other types of mobile projects besides your app, it’s wise to pick a testing company that makes you feel satisfied enough that you’ll work with the representatives there for years to come if your needs dictate that.

It’s very time consuming to find several testing companies and be confident they’ll meet expectations. Instead of taking that common but ultimately wasteful approach, save time and money and choose one company that’s worth doing business with for more than one project.

Insufficient app testing could mean your project never takes off and may even tarnish your company’s reputation if the app has huge issues that were never dealt with before a public launch. Outsourced testing helps you find problems and fix them while supporting your businesses’ other goals.  Let us know your thoughts one this below!

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