What Are the Best Mechanical Keyboards? We Found Them!

Your mechanical keyboard gets the most use out of any other computer parts on your computer wouldn’t you agree? Even the tasks of requiring the use of a mouse are frequently carried out via shortcut keys. This is one of the major reasons why the keyboard has changed faster than any other component of the computer.

If you aren’t loving the average keyboard you are using and you also love gaming, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to search the market for available mechanical keyboards that better meet your needs. You might be truly amazed at the various options that are out there!  You will find keyboards that are designed to make typing easy as well ones that are designed to offer ergonomic comfort.

Using your USB port is the best way to connect the keyboard to computer. Wireless keyboards have become the favorite choice for many people. Mechanical keyboards are also in demand because they have durable designs and a rubberized as well as membrane equipped frame. Mechanical keyboards are very easy to manage and the perfect choice for those who do a lot of typing as they assist in decreasing typos.

Here Are the Best Mechanical Keyboards Available, Including Wireless and Gaming Keyboards:

Razer Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard

Razer mechanical keyboard is a perfect device in all aspects and it’s perfect for gamers of all genres. Those who look for responsive typing will also fall in love with this keyboard. The design is compact and you never miss the macro keys because of the compact design. This is the best keyboard to go for when you have a wide desk space.

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Amazon.com

Additionally, gamers can program the macros, reallocate the keys and a gaming mode can be activated to suit your needs. This is an easy way to navigate keyboard and with one key the gamers can assign millions of colors. The performance of the keyboard is fabulous except for the fact that it cannot record the macro buttons while the game is on. Razer Blackwidow Chroma happens to be the best mechanical gaming keyboard that we’ve seen currently out in the market.

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Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB

The Corsair mechanical keyboard is popular for its excellent keys, stunning design and features cherry switch options for the users to choose from. This version is much more advanced compared with its predecessor, and there is an entirely new software suite included with it as well. The size of the keyboard is reasonable, and can fit into any desk. The keys are smooth, and there is a textured wrist rest that is also of good size. With this keyboard you have option to customize the individual keys.

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Amazon.com

You can also choose a single color for the entire set up. Although the keys are not that comfortable, you do not have to struggle with them. The new software used is the CUR system which can be a bit confusing if you are too used to the software in the predecessor. Handling the keyboard is a walk in the park, and this keyboard can stand even vigorous usage. This is a refined product compared with the predecessor.

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Not always do gamers love the recent trends or changes in technologies. One example of this is the fact that they frequently don’t choose to opt for a wireless mechanical keyboard, and they prefer the cords of their keyboard to be connected. If you are all for cutting the cord, and do not want to take any chances with your gaming adventures, then you need to go for the Logitech Wireless Illuminate keyboard.

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Amazon.com

The keyboard lasts with its lights for 10 days and all on a single charge. One of the main advantages of choosing this keyboard is you can sit on the couch, operate your TV and get hooked to the gaming session with the ultimate in comfort. Another amazing aspect about Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is the ability to detect hands when hands get near it.

Turtle Beach Impact 100

For those looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard, the Turtle Beach Impact 100 offers the best experience by mimicking the mechanical keyboard feel. The installation process is simple, the design is compact, and the keys make the keyboard stand out amidst other keyboards.

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Amazon.com

The keyboard is really quite lightweight, both in digital aspects and the physical weight. There is no software and there is no point in assigning functions to the keys. For the battleground games, this is a perfect choice of keyboard.

Rosewill RGB 100

Rosewill is a manufacturer who has been into the industry for many years. Rosewill offers a complete color spectrum of 16 million colors that have eye catching effects and are certainly alluring. The keyboard has got a lot of innovation with lots of sensitivity settings and the major advantage of opting for this keyboard is that this it is highly customizable. Many of best mechanical keyboards in the market make it tough to hit the key when customizing and this where the Rosemill RGB 100 wins hands down.  That isn’t an issue here!

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Amazon.com

When it comes to mechanical keyboards and wireless keyboards there is a lot of options to choose from. The ones listed here are the best in terms of performance, customization features and other features like having compact designs and the wrist rest space. The user preferences define the best keyboards, regardless of the fact that they might have the cords connected or come without them. This is why it is essential to analyze your needs in the first place and then come up with the right choice.

With so many games out there to enjoy, you want to make sure you get the right gaming keyboard that will make your fun worthwhile. The more highly equipped and top notch gaming keyboard you choose, the higher your chances of making the most out of your gaming time.

Which do you think is the best gaming keyboard of all time?

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