The Future & Opportunities of Virtual Reality

One of the most talked-about areas of the internet is the opportunities that are being presented by virtual reality.  A few of the most promising areas of development and current use include:

  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Business
  • Entertainment

For example, doctors are able to train and teach medical students various procedures and medical practices with the use of VR. Medical practitioners have even been using virtual reality in helping patients with PTSD, anxiety, and other social disorders.  In the world of business, virtual reality is allowing car manufacturers to test and trial various safety features before implementing them. Or let’s take architecture – the architects are able to build and design safer buildings, more affordably by utilizing VR.

VR Growth in Entertainment Fields

However, while the business and medical professions are utilizing VR, the real growth and focus have been on the implementation of virtual reality in the entertainment sphere.  Here’s where much of the time, money, and energy is being invested.  And, in many ways, here’s where most of the money is being made. That’s why even Facebook recently rebranded to Meta to focus more on the metaverse thing.

Some areas within entertainment that are seeing tremendous growth in utilizing VR are the movie and music industries.  You can now use VR to simulate being at a concert without ever being there. Or perhaps you want to actually feel what it would be like to be in various scenes of a movie?  It’s all possible now.  Even non-profits are using VR to show people what it’s like to be in certain areas of the world in the hopes of raising awareness.  It opens up the experiences of all of us to be present even when we’re thousands of miles away.

Currently, the most popular entertainment growth in virtual reality is within classic gaming areas.  Those would include classic shooter games for those that love video gaming, races, and action VR types as well as online gaming for those that want the casino experience from the comfort of home.  In fact, the gaming community is throwing a lot of the money that’s going into VR development just to further entice new and existing users into adopting and using the technology.

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In the early 1990s, the world was introduced to online gambling and over the years, there have been hundreds of sites that have been offering access to real money casino games. Not only has the gambling experience been enhanced with technology and innovative software, but players have something else to look forward to. One of the most recent developments was the offering of live dealer casinos, where players could engage in a real-time game that was simulcast live from a land casino or a studio location. Live dealer games quickly became a top choice, but there are limitations as there are just a few card and table games that are presented in this form.

While the realism of casino games has improved over the years, these games still lack a sense of personalization, which is why many players prefer to play live dealer games since they have the ability to interact with players and dealers at the table. New technology will be changing how players play games online and that will happen as online casinos adopt virtual reality gaming.

Virtual RealityVirtual Reality Will Enhance Gaming for Users

With the technology of virtual reality, players will have the ability to enjoy all the classic gambling features and games and will benefit from the combination of live dealer software and overlays using virtual reality add-ons. Instead of playing live dealer games as players do now, they will be able to enjoy more realism and will actually be able to see other players and the entire game in a virtual setting. Players will have a 360-degree sound experience as well and by looking from one side to the other, players can view different tables or take a look around the entire virtual casino floor.

There are already some online casinos that are offering a virtual reality experience and these have enjoyed much success. It is believed that by 2021, the VR casino industry will receive bets of over $520 billion. While there is still much room for growth, many casinos are adopting the VR thought process and in 2017, Net Entertainment launched the first virtual reality slot game, so it is already something that platers and operators are getting used to. With leading casinos adding VR games to their portfolio, this will definitely be the new generation of online gambling.

gamingHurdles That Still Have to Be Faced

In order for players to benefit from a true virtual reality experience, they will have to invest in goggles or headsets and these can be costly, so the option is not available to everyone. Much of the VR hardware is still in developmental stages, so there is a way to go before these pieces of equipment come down in cost.

There will also be a number of challenges for software developers. Many developers are still working to create new live dealer games and are still getting used to the technology used for those games. Casinos and software developers will have to work together to create the new virtual reality games and experiences and it is a challenge that will take time and money. The market may not be ready for a complete virtual takeover, and for many an interest in it as well as a willingness to pay the costs associated with it won’t be worth it.  But an increase in VR in this niche or other fields as we have discussed is something that will surely happen in the future, so all of us have much to look forward to as technology evolves and more businesses and industries step into developing this technology.


Whether it’s the online gaming industry, video game developers, or the business and medical communities, it’s clear that there are many groups interested in the development and use of virtual reality as a way to grow and develop.  It will be interesting to see which industries are able to find the best uses of the new technologies as well as if people like you and me find that there’s enough benefit to investing in them as well.

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