Have You Seen These Cool Laptop Scratching Posts for Cats?

For those of us that have pets, we can all relate to the fact that they sometimes want our attention when we need to work or just want to be doing something on our computers, tablets or phone.  And they are quite persistent and don’t take no for an answer very easily!  So what’s a solution for getting things done while keeping our furry friends happy and content?

If you’re a cat owner, you will probably identify with this sight:

We all know that cats HATE it when you ignore them. So the good folks over at Suck.Uk have come up with an ingenious solution: a laptop scratching post for your kitty.

Now your cat can browse Facebook and watch viral cat videos, too.

Best of all, the “scratchtop” is affordable – It retails for $35 but there’s a discount currently on Amazon which makes it around $25 right now.  Get your discount HERE

And just look at this cat’s expression!  We call is a definite WIN for everyone.  You get your computer back and your cat gets their own computer where they can scratch too.  What could be better?

Find out more about the cat scratch laptop Here!

Now, if I could just find something that would work for my dog and keep her from jumping on my lap just when I’m in the middle of writing a post (like now…..)See More Details


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