8 Best Android Stock Apps in 2017 to Earn More

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(Updated August, 2017) Looking for the best stock market apps?  Trying to find investing apps to help you take your game to the next level?  Today’s stock market has a profound influence on a nation’s economy. Sometimes, some stocks perform brilliantly while others suffer a collapse.

If you are an investor, it is essential that you are able to keep tabs on the rise and fall of the stocks on a daily basis, and sometimes, even more frequently.  If you are an investor, market watcher or simply someone that likes to keep track of current investments, you need to keep an eye on things in order to have your investments and rate of return increase.  After all, the better the return, the sooner you can retire, right?  Or….at least get that cool new car or house you’ve been eyeing. That’s where the best stock market apps for the United States, India or anywhere in the world can make a difference.

That’s a really solid reason why apps are so important for you when investing in stocks. There are not only certain apps that can help you find interesting trades, there are also a number of social media groups, news wire services and even complete mobile trading systems that put investments and trading within an arm’s reach, even for those people who have no past experience in the field.

There are tons of investment apps, stock market picking apps, trading apps in all niches.  So we checked them all out to come up with some of the best and most helpful ones for you to consider

If you are lucky and own an Android device, then here are several of the top stock applications that work with for Android products.

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Best Stock Market Apps

TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade MobileA range of applications is provided to customers by TD Ameritrade Mobile for the monitoring of the market and making good trades. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader allows you to trade equities, options, futures, and forex. Traders can stay updated with the news through integrated live streams from several CNBC regional channels and financial news services. People who use this app are also able to chat with each other and can find out about upcoming events through the interactive market calendar.

TD Ameritrade Mobile app, the other application served by the mobile division of the company, is primarily focused on analysis of trends in the market and keeping an eye on the traders’ positions and orders. It provides you the ability to transfer cash and deposit checks by simply taking pictures of them with a phone’s camera.

Stock Quote

Stock QuoteStock Quote provides a good, overall view at the Dow Industrial Average, NASDAQ and S&P 500 and, if you want, you can add other US as well as international indices to the list. The app provides you with financial news from a number of sources and features both economic and earnings calendars. The app is also able to track futures and currencies.

You can track individual stocks as well by adding them to the portfolio.  And by turning on auto-refresh you can keep track of real-time changes in the prices and volume. Stock charts offer a lot of options, like comparisons to other stocks or indices, technical indicators like RSI or MACD and others.


BettermentThe Idea of set-it and forget it trading options might scare a number of people, but some people also find it helpful.  And those that do, they come to love Betterment because it proves to be an easy way to make money. Betterment is something that can be called as an independent bot-advisor, it invests your money for you by using a simple series of questions and some complex algorithms that select the most profitable stock for you according to your budget.

The best thing about Betterment is that people can start making investments for just a dollar, and the fees that are charged are very low when compared to other companies – between 0.15 percent to 0.35 percent, depending on the amount the users chooses to invest.

Moneycontrol Market’s on Mobile

Moneycontrol Market’s on Android

A product of Network18, the app is extremely popular and has been downloaded successfully by close to a quarter of a million Android users. The app is powered by none other than the topmost financial portal of India i.e. Moneycontrol.com. This has been rated a 4.4 over at the Google Play Store and is the picture perfect assistant to managing your portfolio. Some of its brilliant features are stated below.

  • Real time stock quotes of Indian and global market
  • Availability in two regional languages i.e. Hindi and Gujarati
  • Helps in keeping a track of investment portfolio
  • View channels like CNBC-TV18, CNBC Prime HD, CNBC Bajar, CNBC AWAAZ Live

Recently the app has now allows for changing the font size and previous bugs within the app are also fixed successfully for an enhanced user experience.

Stock Watch: BSE/NSE

Stock Watch: BSE/NSEIf you want to have a tool that can allows you to follow both BSE and NSE, Stock Watch: the app BSE/NSE is definitely your cup of tea. More than half a million of Android users have downloaded this app from Google Play store and the number is increasing daily!

Some of the top rated features of this Android stock app are mentioned below.

  • Live stock quotes, feeds, stock tips from experts
  • Fast stock search facility and stock watch list
  • Relevant news about Indian stock market with regular updates
  • Snapshot of key global indices at a common place
  • View of experts on specific stocks for aid in decision making

ET Markets

ET MarketsThis is another rather highly rated stock market Android app that is also available at the Google Play store. ET Market features amazing features that you are looking for in a stock market app. When you start the app, it lands you on live and real time Sensex and provides nifty points updates. By scrolling down, you will find the top gainers, top losers and top movers of the day.

This app lets you get news updates and real time recommendations based on current market scenario. In addition, ET Markets has an incredible user experience, a very slick interface and all necessary features.

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Stock Tracker

top android stock apps

Well designed and with simple to follow instructions, this stock app is a pleasure to track your stocks in a hassle-free manner. If you just want to focus on the stocks you want to buy or sell, the app offers a provision to add the same. It comes in a small file size of 218K and run perfectly on Android 4.0 or above.

Its beautiful features are definitely a dekko!

  • Stocks can be added from all markets supported by the app
  • Notification alerts if the added stocks reach above or goes below a set stock price
  • No attention deviation because of advertisements during tracking
  • Availability of a premium version to add more than 5 stocks to track

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Indian Stock Market Watch

reliance 1 year growth in android appGear your Android device with yet another powerful tracking tool, particularly for the Indian market. The app was developed by CodeAndro – the same group that successfully developed over two dozen of Android apps within the finance arena. The app is fully optimized to use for an Android tablet too.

The app has got some of the appealing features that have convinced close to 50,000 users to download this from the Google play store.

  • Get BSE and NSE indices
  • Stock quotes under separate tabs
  • Easy portfolio performance tracker
  • Facilitate adding new stocks and searching the desired ones
  • Full stock detail with charts for ease in understanding
  • Full screen charts and access to stock related news
  • Full stock/index details are displayed with charts.

BSEIndia on Mobile

BSEIndia on Mobile

Straight from the house of one of the leading stock exchanges of India, The BSEIndia on Mobile is a great asset for you to have a detailed view of the market ups and downs in a regular manner. The stock market change rapidly and keeping track of your stocks can be an easy affair with this Android stock app.

The features of BSEIndia on Mobile are including but not limited to the following ones.

  • BSE SENSEX graph
  • Streaming stock quotes
  • Corporate announcements
  • Know about the top gainers and losers
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Stock and currency watch list


Stock Market: Indian Indices

Stock Market: Indian Indices

Now, make the right move in the stock market by keeping tabs 24 x 7 on the BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty. The app is designed with a clean layout to emphasis more on the information rather than visual appearance.

The features that the app offered to its users are the following ones.

  • Real time tracking of stocks and indices
  • Live quotes about SENSEX and nifty
  • Stock movements depicted by simple charts
  • Facility to add or remove any stock
  • Currency tracking and full indices list customization
  • Real Time Stock data & Indices Tracking for all stock market.

My Stock Genie: Indian Stocks

My Stock Genie: Indian Stocks

Would you like to have assistance from a Genie to earn more from your investments in the stock market? If the answer is in affirmative, here comes the exciting My Stock Genie. It saves you from investing in a stock which might let you to suffer a loss in the near future by offering you the best stocks and allows for managing your portfolio anytime, anywhere! The app can safely be touted as one of the best free stock apps for Android for its uniqueness.

The unique features of this genie application are mentioned below.

  • Tells a particular stock is risky, good or bad
  • Offer interactive portfolio manager
  • Gives real-time stock news from the Indian market
  • Supports SMS as well as EMAIL alerts
  • Watch e-learning videos and stock quotes

50,000 Android users have already benefited by using this wonderful stock app and the next can be you.

Stock Track: NSE, BSE

Stock Track: NSE, BSE

Requiring less memory space and yet providing excellent functionality, this app can prove to be a very useful one for you for viewing your portfolio in a single click. The app runs on Android version 4.0 or above and has been updated quite recently.

Let’s check out the popular features of this Android app.

  • Facilitate creation of customized stock watch
  • Have intra-day charts and stock related news
  • Search and add stocks to your watch list
  • Know about the major gainers and losers

Bonus: Share Bazar Guide in Hindi

share bazar guide in hindi

Finally, there is a stock app for Android users which throws a light on the share market in the Hindi language and provides details and information which allow you to learn and understand all the finer nuances of investing, trading, etc. with remarkable ease. The app also gives a detailed overview of how the stock market functions and teaches you how to learn which stock is potentially the best to invest.

So, if you are a beginner, this might come extremely handy. The app is developed by TekkiFormula which is also the developer of a wide variety of interesting apps of all genres. You don’t require an internet connection to run this app.


Thus, for trading in the world’s stock markets, you have more than you need with this list of apps to explore!  Just try any of these essential stock apps for Android or a combination of the apps and find the ones that will help you to excel in making some great money in the markets this year!

This is our list of Android stock applications, please share others that you love if we miss any good ones.


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