Man What Computer to Buy

These days, no business can run successfully without a computer. It serves too many functions, such as:

  • Creating marketing material
  • Managing contacts
  • Keeping up with finances
  • Document creation and storage
  • Communication

A typical computer wears many hats. And a business computer, even more. But computers do not last forever. Even if they still work, they may not be up to date and serving the purpose to the fullest.

Broken ComputerMany take the position, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But there are plenty of ways for a system to be broke than lying on the floor in pieces. Here are some of the reasons why you might need to replace your hardware, and some idea of what to replace it with:

When Computer Problems Are Affecting Your Bottom Line

Sure, your computers still work. But they are far from perfect. In fact, there are times when it seems they are down more than they are up and running. More times than you like to think about, you have to apologize to a client for the delay due to your computers being down.

Perhaps there are certain functions that you loath to initiate because you know that it is going to be problematic. You know that they are just inanimate objects. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling like most days, they are out to get you. More to the point, your computer problems are costing you money. They don’t need band-aid solutions. They need to be retired and replaced.

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What you need is a service like the finest IT support in Ottawa that specializes in the installation and maintenance of entire systems for business, including:

  • Desktops
  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Mobile devices

It is easy to ignore little problems here and there when it is merely an inconvenience. But when it starts costing you money and customer confidence, it is time to make a change. Often, that kind of change requires professional assistance.

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When You Can’t Keep the Software Up to Date

As of a year ago, Windows XP was still solidly in the No. 2 position with regard to PC operating systems in use. It was not behind Windows 10. Rather, the leading OS was and is Windows 7. The current OS at the time was in third place with a tiny piece of the pie.

It is not about price. The upgrade is free. Many of those old XP systems are in the business sector, and were marginal when new. Much of the specialized software they use would not run on the latest OS. Therefore, they refuse to update the hardware.

When hardware purchases are held back by software compatibility, it opens the door to security vulnerabilities that can have a far more deleterious effect on your business than the inconvenience of having to replace some custom software.

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When You Are Falling Behind the Competition

If you don’t implement the new technologies, you can be confident that one of your competitors will. That technology might enable smartphone and smart watch payments. It might enable a client to purchase your product from the comfort of home. It might be the thing that allows them to electronically sign. Whatever it is, there is a chance your outdated computer system is preventing you from offering it.

Right now, customers are rethinking their decisions about where to shop for groceries and pick up their medications based on whether or not the retailer accepts Apple Pay. Banks that don’t have a full-featured app are at a disadvantage in a world with competitors that do.

Sometimes, computers can get a new lease on life with a fresh injection of RAM and a solid state hard drive. But sometimes the problem can’t be fixed with half measures. When persistent computer issues start costing you money, when you can’t keep your software up to date, and when you are falling behind your competitors, it’s time to buy new hardware.