Acting in the present is the only way for enterprises to be relevant and competitive in today’s lightning-fast world. This is especially true when it comes to how enterprises treat data. Data is essentially the most important asset any enterprise has for earning customer loyalty. This is an asset that comes with both great opportunity and great responsibility. Having the ability to capture, interpret and act upon every movement a user makes digitally or during an in-store visit can help an enterprise or brand create a smooth, streamlined experience that engages users and eliminates roadblocks.

It’s All About User Experience

Data can be the crystal ball an enterprise needs to know, understand and anticipate the habits of its clientele. Using real-time analytics transforms a website or other platform into a living organism that can evolve and morph in real time to meet the needs of users. From big retailers to big banks, the trend towards smart data is obvious. Real-time data can ensure that users are shown relevant content and given recommendations for products based on past preferences and habits. The beauty of real-time data is that it creates a completely personal experience for each user.

Data  When and How You Share Is as Important as What You Share

Relevancy of information is just as important as quality of information when it comes to the crowded digital world in which everyone is competing for valuable real estate. Real-time data analysis can do more than simply create a better experience for users. Using real-time information can help enterprises know when and how to share information at the most optimum times of day. For instance, online magazine publishers can deliver content based on the topics that are trending throughout the day. This will increase the likelihood of that content being found by people searching for topics online. An enterprise can then use real-time analytics to track the behaviors of visitors. These tracking abilities will create an engaging, relevant experience that is unique for each visitor. The high relevancy of the content that these visitors find is likely to make them feel connected to the message being shard. This connection will cause them to return at a later time.

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The World Is a Very Specific Place

The online landscape isn’t very forgiving to websites that are vague and universal. Customization is the name of the game when it comes to creating loyal customers. The retail industry has the most at stake when it comes to mastering the art of using data acquired online and in stores to keep customers engaged. Retailers rely on streaming analytics to provide each user with what is essentially an invisible, highly intuitive personal shopper. This personal shopper makes product suggestions based on a customer’s past behaviors and preferences. Retailers in every category know that putting the right products in front of the eyes of customers leads to better sales. Tapping into the potential of big data analytics all comes down to creating a strategy that includes a tight plan for analyzing and using data on a real-time basis.