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Change and innovations can sometimes come from places and ideas that you least expect!  For example, along with the porn industry, it was the gambling industry that has been pioneering new technologies and innovative ideas. You can take the mobile market as a prime example of how the gambling industry was years ahead of others! The industry recognized that once technology was advanced enough and the internet was more widely available (and definitely more reliable) then there was going to be a large customer base who wanted to play all of their favorite casino games at sites like  on their smartphones and not just when they were in an actual casino.

In fact, some of the so-called vice industries were among the very first business use cases for the internet, and the appetite to pioneer the latest tech does not appear to have waned at all.  In fact, there are new changes happening that will just further the development of technology such as virtual reality, or VR.

Virtual reality medicineAs VR takes its first tentative steps into the mass consumer market, the potential for the gambling industry, the medical fields, the military and many others are taking a hopeful breath, and holding it as the payoff could be enormous for so many industries.

Today, the global online gambling industry is at a crossroads, especially as we witness European governments regulating online gambling to increase its own tax revenues, which have helped to legitimize the gambling industry which for many years had a rather ‘back room’ shady reputation.

Atlantic_City New JerseyRegulation of the gambling industry is taking place all over the world and getting stricter as well.  For example, take the US where the state of New Jersey has its own gambling regulations, and other states are set to follow in their footsteps. This regulating and licensing of the gambling sector has made placing a bet on a sport or having a game of roulette or a spin on a slots game as acceptable as watching a movie on Netflix or playing a game via social media sites. This is all very well and good, but online gambling operators still face several big challenges, and one of those is providing games and a medium that will appeal to the younger customer.

VR headsetsStudies show that those in the 18-24 age bracket are betting less, so new technology such as VR could be the way forward, a way to reach out and once again engage them with the games. Actually, VR could be a game-changer as gambling operators will be able to provide an immersive experience and a greater depth of engagement than anything that has gone before for gaming lovers.

So, what could the casino of the future look like?

Obviously, it is going to take some time for VR to reach its full potential, but it is certainly the most significant innovation that the market has seen 2016/2017, although it is reaching that point whereby it is a viable option within the industry.

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In this day and age each and every gambling operator is looking for something that is going to promote them, something that will make their site or sites stand out from the rest. Competition is fierce as online casino lovers can choose from a myriad of different games, housed in multiple online casinos sites, so the way that the sites and the games are presented to potential customers is becoming increasingly important.

What VR provides is a totally realistic experience for its users.  Take SlotsMillion which was launched back in 2015. This was the world’s very first virtual reality multi-player online casino where players could walk around the casino set in a futuristic city.  Players can choose their avatar then spend time exploring their surroundings as well as being to interact with other players and staff of the casino there to support the users.

Slots are from leading providers, and if a player strikes it lucky then the buzz of a win is escalated with an explosion of 3D graphics raining down on them. Playing slots like this in a futuristic world, and being able to interact with others soon fires the imagination with possibilities.

Some speculate that in the future the virtual casino will be a place where operator’s affiliates and players can interact which means that players can expect VIP service just like in a real casino.

Of course, in the early days there are going to be glitches like avatars seeming to become floating heads, but glitches were expected and reviews for the VR casinos have improved greatly over the last year or so, and are actually being given praise for their entertainment potential, for gambling is in the end, for entertainment.

net-entThis year at the 2017 ICE Gaming Conference, NetEnt confirmed they would be developing a larger range of VR slots to offer at VR casinos all point towards VR being here to stay, even though hat many might doubt the longevity of VR, however, that is not what the majority of people are now thinking.

It could be that technology has finally reached a high enough level to where it can be used to deliver those ultra-realistic products, and slots players are already wondering what online slots could be the next up for the VR treatment.  What are you most wanting virtual reality to offer you in the near future?  Let us know in the comments down below!