Gone are the days when we run to our closets and pull out the board games on a cold rainy night. These days if a family sits down to play a game it is usually of the virtual variety. We play on tablets and phone that we pass around, or perhaps seat our chairs around a computer screen. With all of the new gaming apps coming out on a daily basis we no longer even need to be in the same room with one another to invite and compete in a game head-to-head. Between virtual versions of old school games like Monopoly, the advent of virtual reality, and even the increasing popularity of brain games, these online options are increasing and here to stay.

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Virtual reality has been around for many years! However, it’s just now gaining popularity as new companies come into the market and find ways to roll it out on a lower cost level. Virtual reality headsets are starting to be rolled out to consumers, a device that will allow them to utilize and enjoy virtual gaming from the comfort of their own living rooms. In years past virtual reality had to be used on large commercial platforms making it impossible to roll out and be used by the masses.

Brain training games and brain teasers like those offered by Neuronation have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People love to test their wits against others, and these games can be a great way to pass time on a long road trips, flights, and train rides. This can also be a great tool for parents wanting to occupy their childrens minds with something other than Disney movies. Next time your child is getting restless in the backseat, hand them a tablet with a brain game loaded up instead of Netflix or movie for them to watch. It will help keep their minds sharp!

Even the popular board games that have been out since the beginning of time are getting fresh new updates and looks. Game makers are realizing that the shift of gaming is going virtual. Not only is mobile gaming more popular than the traditional variety, but they also allow for higher profits due to lower costs. Even with games like Monopoly, you can play against friends and family without being in the same room. You can all virtually connect and play at your own pace regardless of location and timezone.