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11 Best Android Phones Under 30000 Rupees to Buy in 2016

If you are shelling out Rs 30000 for a phone, it is clear that you expect to own a top shelf, high quality Android smartphone. I have researched and listed the...
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Top Android Phones under 20000 Rupees (BTW 15k to 20k)

Smart phones have acquired a ‘must have’ status among people of all ages. These phones are loaded with incredible features which make the life of a common man very easy and...

Top Android Phones Under 15000 Rs. (Between 10k to 15k) in 2015

Moto G This powerful Android phone within a reasonable pricing can be absolutely adorable for you as it is exceedingly stylish because of its colorful interchangeable backs. The phone has a high-end 4.5...
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Best Android Phones Under Rs. 25000 in 2016 (Between 20k to 25k)

Although, there is no dearth of Android based smartphones with some great features, the price often deter an average Indian buyer to purchase the same.If you are also looking for some...
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Top Android Phones Below 10000 Rs. (Between 5k to 10k)

You can attribute the Smartphone revolution to Android phones that have ushered in a new era of mobile usage in India. With a humungous amount of apps available for Android and...