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With summer upon us, it gives people chance to relax over the holidays. Whether that is taking a break with the family or putting your feet up at home, if often presents people with more free time. That can lead to more gaming, and with new games coming out all the time, there is something for you to get your teeth into, from the hardcore gamers to the casual ones. As well as that, there are now a multitude of platforms for people to play on, whether it is the direct app from your favorite casino on your smartphone or Call of Duty on the console.

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When it comes to gaming, there are ways it is changing. The revenues in mobile gaming are higher than ever before and that is something that doesn’t look like changing in the near future, as the next generation are brought up playing games on a range of devices. For casual gamers too, the mobile experience is beneficial as it gives you a lot of freedom. You are not restricted by where or how often you play, you can simply get out your phone anywhere and load up your favorite games or casinos. There are a wide range of casino games available and you can try new online slot machines as well. If you would prefer a spin on the roulette or a game of poker, you will find those available too.


Pokemon GoOf course there are other options available for gamers this summer, and the one game you have to start with is Pokémon Go, the craze that has well and truly swept the globe. So much so, that last week Australians were unable to log on due to the high demand. The game sees players scout the real world and look for their favorite Pokémon characters and it may be the perfect game to play this summer. Already all over the world there have been thousands of players out searching with their smartphones and whilst the weather is good and hype at its most, you may as well join in. We can imagine it might lose its appeal once the gloomy weather returns. Once again, this could be ideal for the casual gamer and it will allow you to interact with other players. It is certainly a different type of game to the traditional methods and here are some tips for beginners who are looking forward to joining in with the fun.

Overall, there are many ways to enjoy your summer and gaming is one of them. Whether it is trying out the new online slots at a casino or jumping on board the Pokémon Go craze, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With the technology available it only increases the options when it comes to gaming, with our phone providing even more options than a console would when it comes to gaming.