Computer security

The stakes have never been higher when it comes to protecting network privacy. Hackers from around the globe have launched a nonstop war against private information. Enterprises in every industry are at risk because hackers are interested in getting their hands on everything from credit card numbers to trade secrets. It is likely that even the worst hacks we’ve see in recent months will look tame compared to what hackers will be capable of in just a few years. Enterprises are legally and socially responsible for making sure that the personal information and records of customers and employees are safeguarded. The good news is that the good guys in the tech industry constantly develop new ways to keep up with the bad guys in the cyber universe. When hired, security firms bringing in engineers, considered “white-hat hackers,” to launch controlled hacking attempts coordinated with the client’s security team. This is a practice called penetration testing.

Computer security tipsWhat Penetration Testing Can Teach Us

There isn’t another security tool out there that’s as valuable as penetration testing. While there are many options for security software that calculate risks and simulate how a network would behave in the event of an attack, none of them can provide real world proof. This is why penetration testing stands out from all other security measures. A penetration test is the closest thing to a real attack an enterprise can experience without actually falling victim to hackers. In fact, some states are even suggesting that institutions in the banking industry should be required to make penetration testing part of their standard security measures. What can an enterprise learn from a penetration test? A test will show an enterprise attack vectors a hacker can use to enter a network through weak points in current security measures. Testing will also reveal how quickly hackers are able to get in.

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  Penetration Testing Leaves Enterprises in Control

The great thing about a penetration test is that it can provide system administrators with valuable information without the need to sacrifice control. A skilled team of security engineers will be able to perform a test in such a way that minimizes downtime and service gaps. A company like Redspin offers penetration testing services providing valuable information that the client can then use for actionable security fortification.

TechieSense.comContinued Security for Evolving Threats

The thing to remember about cyber threats is that they never go away. In fact, the biggest threats of today are truly only a foretaste of the threats we can expect to see months and years down the road. Efforts to protect a network have to be as ambitious and unrelenting as the hackers behind the attacks you’re trying to prevent. This is why routine penetration testing is so essential for enterprises. Network security should be tested and measured using automated and simulated programs between periodic penetration tests. While software does not have the capabilities that a skilled security engineer can provide, it helps to monitor new vulnerabilities. A network security plan will be much stronger if it is routinely adjusted to make up for any potential weak points that are detected. That is where regular penetration testing will provide its most valuable return on investment.