As the mobile gaming market begins ramping up revenue that is all set to overtake that of the console market, smartphone makers and game developers are busy rubbing their hands at the prospect of reaching a bigger gaming audience than ever before. As each year passes, mobile-based gaming manages to grow, expand and innovate the market in new and exciting ways that continues to offer dynamic user experiences.

Mobile Gaming ReviewQUANTITY & QUALITY

Thanks to the development of the smartphone, better and faster Internet access and increased Wi-Fi connectivity the games we are able to partake in using our phones or our tablets have grown both in quantity and quality exponentially. In 2014 both the Apple and Android stores were releasing on average around 750 different games each and every day, while console and PC releases absolutely pale in comparison at least by numbers. Of course the games we play on a smartphone are often of high quality, hi-def resolution and even sometimes incredibly detailed and complex. But the truth of it is for passionate gamers they will never come close to that of a console gaming experience.



RevenueThis year will see the mobile gaming market surpass $3 billion in revenue. This figure takes into account paid-for gaming app downloads as well as in-game purchases and other bonus buys. It is absolutely incredible to think that this once almost insignificant platform is now ready to take over the console market in terms of profit. The truth is that mobile gaming is able to reach more people and because of the low costs involved in purchasing the games from your phone and the fact that you can conveniently pay for them with the tap of the screen in a few easy moves is more appealing to a broader gaming audience.

Technology ReviewAs incredible as the rise in mobile gaming has been it’s the other innovative aspects that have also made smartphones one of the must have devices. Most banks and other payment merchants now offer a mobile-based app which allows you to pay for goods and services even quicker than ever before, and sites like accepting Paypal is a common feature online to enhance all areas of the gaming experience. Now as Apple’s new Apple Pay system rolls out, things will speed up even further.



Mobile GamesThe mobile-based gaming market continues to grow but there will come a time when it will eventually peak. What helps the industry continue to thrive and evolve is the ever-changing technological environment it is played within. Mobile gaming and rely on the development of smartphones and tablets and as each next generation device is released it will have a direct impact on how game developers and publishers will tweak and improve and utilize these new developments in order to create bigger and better mobile gaming experiences for players of all ages.