If you have a smartphone or smart watch for your home already, then you are definitely ahead of the curve of the coming household revolution. You already are likely to have the ability to control every aspect from the security camera positioned at your front door, designed to ward off intruders and then apprehend them if they unwisely choose to trespass. You already can heat up the home before the family gets home from a winter holiday to Paris or even something as mundane as just coming home from work on the dark days of winter. And you are already familiar with the convenience of controlling appliances and electronics from a single source in your pocket.

These are all just a few things that smart phones are capable of, and why they are a technology worth investing in these days. The number of options that exist these days and interfaces between your smart phone and your home is truly incredible! I know that for current convenience, and for the future prospect of changing homes, smart home tech will help me sell my house. These newer technologies are all part of the increasing trend towards home automation.  Concerns about security of smart homes are largely exaggerated, and holding out into the future of the home is only delaying the inevitable. Now is as good as time as any to invest in the adding the latest technology to your home, what with Apple’s continued integration into home products, and tons of services on the android platform as well.

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The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile platform is looking to possibly be a game changer in the way we interact with our smart homes, consolidating multiple third party apps and devices under one umbrella for simpler use. Not only could this simplify the interface for users with control through the Siri app, but it also could serve as an additional channel for advertisers to recommend other apps and devices to be used in conjunction with the smart phone. Apple hopes that its HomeKit serves as the backbone for smart home products by connecting them with each other through iOS.

There is, of course, no guarantee that this new iOS 9 smart home interface will ever see the light of day, in the public eye anyway. It might just be an internal testing app, or it may be a feature embedded in iOS 9 that is simply managing tasks in the background without being something users can get their hands on. Even if a dedicated Home app simply serves to help set up the disparate devices that connect to HomeKit, it should be a useful service for the end user, and potentially another reason to own an Apple device.  The app is capable of helping you walk through setup and configuration of the various devices as well as the different rooms in your house.

Apple has been testing this out on the Apple tv starting with iOS 8.1.  Perhaps the Apple TV will become the hub for everything?  Whatever the case, Apple has been testing and seeing the results for awhile now and it will be interesting to see what form we will get access to.

These days, anything that saves time and energy is of help to most of us! How would you use this app in your home and would it be enough of an addition for you to switch to Apple or update your phone to get it?

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