Celbrating Diwali

Diwali is festival of lights with great spirits filling up each heart in India. The festival is today not only celebrated by Hindus alone but people from all communities for its exciting and exhilarating customs and festivities. With so much to enjoy during Diwali season, let us share some of the fun and interesting things people love to indulge in during the Diwali season.

There are some great and fun ways Indians celebrate Diwali apart from worshipping and exchanging of gifts.

Rangoli decorationsRangoli Making

Rangoli is a beautiful way to decorate home and office with colorful design patterns. The gorgeous and creative designs are made on floors of the home or office and it is indeed a great sight for eyes. Look at this amazingly beautiful Rangoli design and you can already feel the spirits behind it.

Some people prefer to design Rangoli with flowers too.

Diwali home decorationsDecorating the House and Office

It is great fun to decorate the house and office with colorful lights, diyas and beautiful stars made of colourful and shiny paper. Each house is decorated with best of the spirits and has its own sweet way of expressing happiness and bliss all through the celebrations.

Many people love to renovate and give a makeover to their houses. New styling with handlooms, curtains and everything that needs to be changed in a house is preferred during Diwali season.

Celbrating DiwaliDelicious Sweets and Desserts

India is home to some of the best sweet makers and Diwali is the best time to have those deliciously made sweets. Loved by one and all, these sweets are distributed amongst friends and relatives as well.

Cards Parties and Socializing

Families and friends get together and enjoy card games on weekends before Diwali. It is awesome to sit for hours and gamble while enjoying drinks and yummy food.

Support Local Charity Works

There are many who love to serve and support local causes. With winter fast approaching after Diwali, some prefer to distribute woolen clothes to the poor. You would be amazed at the sense of satisfaction to do something for others during this celebration of gifts and giving.

Share below in comments, how did you celebrate Diwali this season. It would be fun to read the new ideas and get to know more about this amazing festival that brings new hope in our lives and the years to come.