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It’s a phrase that has become cliché in the Digital Age: A business’s use of modern technology can mean the difference between its failure and success. With the proliferation of smartphones, mobile apps and the Internet of Things (IoT), companies in every industry can use digital technology to improve their business processes.

Perhaps the most versatile and effective way for businesses to harness mobile technology is to use event apps. Unlike their predecessors, modern event applications come with a range of features that improve networking, scheduling and coordinating.

They save staff time by making event organization seamless. This translates into reduced labor costs for companies, and it prevents mistakes that could compromise the success of a major conference or sales meeting.

Event Apps Make Coordination Simple

If there is one perk to mobile technology, it’s the connectivity of the world. More than 90 percent of Americans regularly use cell phones, and many businesses have made them mandatory equipment for staff. Event apps help companies translate this digital unity into successful meetings, conferences and other gatherings.

According to Forbes, mobile scheduling apps are much more practical than keeping paper agendas. Every person in the scheduling network will have immediate access to important dates and times, as well as reminders that help them plan ahead. If you’re hosting an event, then you can make changes to the schedule in seconds – and everyone in the network will immediately receive the update.

Real-Time Advice and Feedback

One of the most crucial aspects to a successful meeting or conference is getting feedback from attendees. It is best to gather people’s opinions quickly – while the day’s events are still fresh in their minds.

This is easy with a business event-planning app that offers surveys and polling features. Attendees can rate a conference and provide honest feedback. They can discuss potential improvements or changes, as well as the best and worst parts of the meeting. Featured speakers and event planners can use that information to improve future gatherings.


Networking Features

It’s been said countless times before: Success in business is all about networking. If you host an industry conference, for example, and you give attendees the opportunity to network with one another, then they are more likely to enjoy the event, spread positive word of mouth and come to future gatherings.

Event apps have features that allow participants to connect. In most cases, invitees can send messages to one another, and the host can either approve or block these messages. This prevents spamming but gives attendees an opportunity to expand their circle of influence.

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Would Your Business Benefit from Using Event Apps?

Many business owners are reluctant to use new technology – often because it takes time to learn software features, adjust internal processes and train employees. But event apps are straightforward and easy to use. They can have a profound impact on your business gatherings, which makes them a smart investment for forward-thinking companies.

How do you plan your events and keep life organized?  We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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