Do you have a business or ecommerce website?  Have you been trying to manage and grow your business and, at the same time, manage, maintain and re-do your site?  That’s a LOT of work!  Whether you want to customize the current design of your website or want to design a new website, it can be tough to keeping up with the new and emerging design trends. New methods and technologies are always cropping up which make it more difficult to insure that your site is optimized as well as it ought to be. SEO is all about ongoing effort, and it’s quite time consuming to do it yourself.  However, there are several simple, cost-effective ways to increase your site’s ranking in search engines.

Embrace Simplicity In Web Design

A good website design can create a nice image in the minds of your web visitors. It can be more effective if it is well executed. A clean layout and simple color scheme combination result in an eye-catching and effective look. While selecting your color-palette, you should use two or three main colors. You can apply other shades to add variety and uniqueness. If you include three or more colors, it looks cluttered and unprofessional. Visitors that are color blind or have color issues might have a tough time visiting your website if you overload the site with different colors.

In addition, if your design is clean and simple, it will load faster. The speed of the website is very important. If the first page of your website loads faster, it will attract more visitors and get higher ranking on the internet. Complex designs for your website incorporate videos and graphics, causing your site to load slowly. Remember that website loading speed is critical for search engine optimization because visitors get impatient while viewing a slow loading website. Similarly, you make sure that you do not bore your visitors with lousy and boring content.  One way to make sure that you don’t is to work with an SEO group like SEO Services USA in Chicago.  These types of companies can easily help you create an optimized and vibrant web design to fit your budget and style.

SEO TermsLanding Pages

You need to prepare a comprehensive list of specific key phrases you want to rank for. These key terms will represent your services or products you sell. It is critical that you research what are the terms and phrases that potential clients use when looking for product or companies like yours.

You need to consult a reliable SEO professional to discuss developing your site and pages for your products while including important key phrases in the Meta description, title tags and header. It will direct your visitors to the specific section of your website to perform their initial search and makes it easier for site visitors to find what they are looking for as well.

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Become A Blogger

Having a blog on your website may look like additional work with zero return on investment. However, if you periodically add fresh content to your website, it will improve your site’s overall ranking position in the search engines. When you update content on your website weekly or monthly, it boost tons your ranking with the addition of your newly enhanced web design.  It doesn’t have to take a ton of time or resources to have an effective blog that helps your business.  Having an SEO consultant review and analyze your site, your competition as well as your industry can quickly help you come up with tons of ideas to blog about that will be effective.

These are some easily implemented steps that you can take, or get assistance in taking, to improve your website’s look, feel and usability for site visitors.   Do you have any other tips that you can share with us on what you do to improve your site?