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Cool Tips to Stop Your Computer From Overheating!

Would you like to be offline time again because your computer is having issues or overheating?  Nope – we wouldn’t want that either!

The 24/7 use of our laptops often results in the overheating issue. Because developers and computer manufacturers keep working to make laptops smaller, slimmer and more slender, the cooling system of the computers is often unable to handle a lot of heavy use. The end result?  A chronically overheating computer system that gets hot enough that you don’t want to touch it.



Is Your Computer Overheating A Lot You Need Copper Coins_Image 2

Image Source: Suzuki Akinori

But guess what?  There’s been a very cool solution that is now available that won’t cost you anything.  Well, almost nothing – just a few pennies to resolve the problem!  (yes, we couldn’t resist using that line….)  A Twitter user in Japan came up with a brilliant idea to prevent the overheating in your laptop. The super simple solution?  Just stack copper coins on it and even in it. The thermal conductivity of copper is much higher than that of aluminum, which is used to make most of the laptop cases including the MacBook Pro.


Is Your Computer Overheating A Lot You Need Copper Coins_Image 1

Image Source: Suzuki Akinori

Seriously this rather eccentric tip can save your laptop from excessive heating. Now you will need to stack quite a lot of copper coins on your laptop to make it work.  Thinking that one little Abe Lincoln penny will do it (or any copper coin from anywhere) won’t be successful.  So you’ll have to search around the house, break open a bank or borrow from your family their copper coins to have enough to create a heat sink.

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Expanding upon that idea and testing another scenario was done be another Twitter user.  They took that same general concept and put the copper coins inside the motherboard of his desktop to cool it.

Is Your Computer Overheating A Lot You Need Copper Coins_Image 3

Image Source: Suzuki Akinori

Now, if you are going to test that method out, please – make sure you know what you are doing?  You don’t want to end up with a computer that’s in pieces and you can’t put back together again.  What tips and tricks do you use to keep your computer and laptops from overheating?  Let us know below!

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