Shopping for gadgets is definitely a Diwali tradition these days and, therefore, we took some time to come up with our list of the best electronic gadgets this year to give as a gift to loved ones during Diwali. Diwali gift offers are really quite good this year and that makes it difficult to decide which ones to choose. A few minutes spent online surfing and you will see that different popular electronic brands are catering heavy discount offers or deals on many of the most popular gadgets. In fact, this is may be the best time to get your favorite gadgets at absolutely the best price and have less of an impact on your budget.

Gadget freaks mainly wait for Diwali to come so that they can get attractive deals on different varieties of electronic gadgets. Though you can find many of these gadgets in different physical electronic stores but it is frequently is better to go online for some of the best deals. You can also check out the list of gadgets and can compare the offers on the same gadget by different brands to insure that you get the best offers! And, of course, credit cards are accepted everywhere nowadays!

This year you are getting amazing offers on different kinds of electronic gadgets and this is one of the leading reasons for so many purchases of the various electronic options out there. Is there anyone that doesn’t appreciate a new tab, phone or computer as a gift?  I mean seriously….. Since Diwali is a festival of gifts it’s the perfect time of year to pick up new gadgets for gifts at awesome prices.

Diwali ImagesNot sure which products are best to give as Diwali gifts for your family or friends?  Well, take a few minutes to check out some of the different reviews that we’ve done and that ought to help you decide which products to explore.  One tip we’ve found that works well is to choose unusual gadgets so that your gift can stand out from others. Online surfing will surely be quite helpful in this regard and you can visit different sites where an incredible assortment of gadgets are getting offered this Diwali.

Our Top Choices and List of the Best Gadgets for Diwali Gifts:

  • Smartphones: Smartphones can be one of the amazing gifts this Diwali and this is why many are choosing this option. There are different brands that are currently offering absolutely affordable rates on smartphones like Sony, Samsung, Spice, Karbonn, Micromax and others. If you have got a budget of at least Rs. 5000 (approx. $78 USD), then you can definitely choose any of these brands as the best option. Family and loved ones will definitely love these gifts from you!
  • Digital cameras: Nowadays, you can find highly advanced digital cameras in the market that have got the highest capacity of capturing pictures. Memorable moments can be easily captured and stored for lifetime by means of these cameras. These cameras can be one of the most ideal gifts and the most important factor is that these cameras can be used at every stage of life especially for capturing special moments during different occasions. The upgraded version needs to be chosen so that you get all of the top features in your camera. Some common brands that are provide affordable and quality cameras include Kodak, Samsung, Sony, Nikon, canon, Fujifilm and others. As a Diwali gift it’s perfect and the pricing at this time of year is as good as it it gets.Diwali Fireworks
  • Gaming consoles: These gadgets are also very popular these days and they are quite in y demand by video-game lovers. And just a tip, more women are getting into gaming and would appreciate this gift than ever before.  Nothing can be best this as a Diwali gift to these lovers other than the top line gaming consoles. If you buy them online, then you can get some excellent discount offers that are really great deals. Some of the branded consoles that are offering these discounts are Nintendo wii, Sony PD-3, Microsoft X-box and many more. There are also many handheld consoles that are getting a lower price point during Diwali this year.
  • Laptops: Laptops are those essential gadgets that are all-time favorites for all including professionals, young adults and students. In most cases, people get skeptical about being able to find and afford this type of gift during Diwali.  This year though, things are definitely looking more affordable and some cool options exist.  Have you ever thought that laptops will be available at Rs. 16000 ($245 USD)? But you can now get branded laptops at this price and give it as Diwali gift ideas. Some of the topmost brands that are offering laptops at the given rate are HCL, HP, Asus, Acer, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung and many more.
  • Music players: Recently, mobile and compact music players that have come into the market are in higher demand. Music players can be of varied types and a ton of different options. These options are basically going to be based on which options and features you need and the price will reflect how high end you go. Some of the most prominent options that are available these days are karaoke players, turntables, iPods, Mp3 players, FM radios and Hi-Fi systems. You can compare the discount offers and can choose accordingly. In fact, online shops are now getting flooded with these music players and that just means potentially even better deals for you!
  • Televisions: Though televisions are treated as quite common gifts but you can also choose the same as the best option this Diwali. Some popular brands that can be chosen in this regard are Samsung. Sony, Philips and others.
  • Tablets: Tablets are also quite popular this year and can definitely be added to your list of Diwali gifts. Though they are similar in features and usability to that of smartphones but there are some advanced features that are missing in smartphones. It is really use to use these tablets and you can get a higher flexibility with a much wider screen. I use my Samsung tablet almost like a computer at times and get several work items accomplished wherever I happen to be. The price of different branded tablets have currently come down to as low Rs 4000 ($70 USD) for some base models which is really quite amazing.

These are just some of the amazing options to think of when coming up with Diwali gift ideas or what Diwali gifts for family you might consider.  Let us know some of your thoughts and ideas for this Diwali?  Share them in the comments below.