Airplane Business Travel


The best apps for the traveling business person are vast and depend on what type of job you have. These apps can help you stay organized and even save the company or person money. The following are some of the best apps if you find yourself traveling quite frequently for work.

TripIt makes it easy to organize travel dates and events in one place. If a colleague has a question about your traveling schedule this app makes it very easy to share your schedule. If you want to have some fun while traveling then this also covers concerts and restaurants for the full travel organization experience.

Groupon is great for those who frequently travel as there are deals that can save the traveler money.

There are also free coupons from sites like Orbitz that are updated daily. A traveler can map out their eating schedule by buying a few Groupon deals so they can eat in style without the price associated with it.

Google Maps is essential for everyone whether they travel frequently or not. If in a foreign country and having trouble reading the signs, Google Maps has you covered and can help you on your way. The turn by turn directions can help you get nearly anywhere around the world. This can even be adjusted for walking as there is an option to see how long it would take to walk.

Google Translate is needed if you do not speak the language of the place you are going. You can type or speak into the phone and it will say it in the language you select. It is even possible to draw symbols for languages that aren’t traditional for those who speak English.

MenuPages is another app that is great for those who want to know what is on the menu and exactly how much it costs. Other sites give you the highlights of a restaurant and a price range that can vary widely. This takes the guessing game out of picking where to eat.

This by no means is an all-inclusive list of apps that travelers should have but it is a good place to start. Technology is making traveling easier in all aspects and it is time for you to get on board!

What apps do you use when you travel?  Let us know in the comments below.