With lazy holidays behind you, it’s time to pack up your bags and head for your classrooms. In other words you need to top up your laptop, smart phones and other study related devices with some of the smartest Android apps that your need to succeed. Simply bringing that new phone or tablet to your college or school is not enough; you need to remember that your device can serve as a great study partner too.

Whether you are looking towards syncing your notes with the cloud, enhancing the quality of your notes or trying to crack a mind-boggling physics problem; the right apps will surely lead you ahead. After combing through innumerable educational apps, we have shortlisted the ones that promise to manage your course load, get you to your classroom on time, facilitate your exam preparations and so forth.

These top 17 Android apps for students will make your life a little easier and alleviate any undue pressures.

Read on for easy ways of making your grades better.

Tasker – Free

Tasker is an app that lets you modify your phone settings, on the basis of your environment. Once that is set, it detects the time of the day, your location (outdoors, indoors, quiet places) and other important events. It then automates your phone’s settings accordingly.

Here, there are over 200 plug-ins that offer high levels of flexibility and make your phone adapt to its surroundings.

Mint – Free

This financial management app keeps track of your spending, budgets, bills and helps you save money. There are charts and graphs that make it easier for you understand your financials while bill reminders ensure that you never miss a payment.

Mint automatically categorizes banking and credit card transactions. It is password protected and no one can access your account details in case you lose your phone or leave it unattended.

SlideShare – Free

This is a presentation hosting platform that allows you to view, share and save presentations at any time. Presentations are an important part of student life and this app allows you to access them from any location.

TribeSports – Free

This sports app enables you to track all the sports activities in one place. You can log your training and workouts, save your regular workouts or new training sessions in one place or track running and cycling routes through GPS. You can share fitness/sports details with other members of TribeSports’ community and get real-time stats as well as progress graphs too.

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IFTTT – Free

IFTTT lets you create powerful connections among different web applications with simple conditional statements, i.e., ‘If, this, then, that’ statements. For instance, ‘IF’ you take a picture, ‘THEN’ share it on your social media platforms.

These statements are known as Recipes and you can create as many Recipes as you want. You can connect over 121 web applications through these Recipes. Arguably, this is one of the best Android apps for students in the present scenario. A must-have indeed!

Evernote – Free

With Evernote, one can keep notes, capture pictures, create various to-do lists, record voice reminders or collect web articles, notes, photos and research material of any length. You can also save your travel reservations, create drafts and manage expenses by organizing your bills/receipts; easily access all your notes; and share notes with others too.

Calcu – Free

This is a simple yet powerful calculator wherein you can customize the keypad and themes according to your taste. It has a very intuitive interface and supports advanced operations with science based and user-defined constants. It has a fully customizable keypad too.

Clockwork Tomato – Free

This is a time management app that is based on the Pomodoro technique. This technique is known for boosting productivity by dividing the work period in 25 minutes time-slots, separated by small breaks. This app keeps a track of your work time and reminds you when to take a break and when to get back to work.

My Study Life – Free

This planner app will make students’ study life easier and manageable. You can store your homework, study time-table and exams in a cloud, thus making it available on all the other devices too. It tracks your work, manages your classes, saves your exams, and reminds you of unfinished tasks or an upcoming assignment/test.

7 Minute workout – Free

As a student, you might find difficult to take out sufficient time for exercises. This app helps you exercise in just 7 minutes a day. There are 12 exercises of 30 seconds each and these can be done anywhere–all you need is a chair and a wall.

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Sunrise – Free

Sunrise is a calendar app with a simple and a minimalistic design. It integrates with third party services like Face book, Foursquare and other social media platforms. You get a widget for your home-screen too.

MyCar locator – Free

This car locator app ensures that you do not have trouble locating your parked car. It keeps a track of the meter time and has a nifty radar feature that indicates whether you are heading in the right direction. It is good for remembering the location of your hotel/camping spot, bus-stop and the like.

Uber – Free

Uber is like having a driver/ride at your service whenever you want. You can call for a ride through Uber and look forward to be picked up in minutes. You get fare quotes on the app and the payment can be done through PayPal, Google Wallet or by adding a credit card to your Uber account—thus eliminating the need for cash.You simply have to send your location on the map to the driver and check his progress through Uber.

SafeSpot – Free

It is a safety app. You can create a group of people you trust and would like to connect to during of emergency or distress. Start this app when you feel unsafe. Make sure the GPS is enabled and select the group you want.

Hold on to the button on the screen, which when released, will send an alarm as well as your locations details to everyone in the selected group.

GrubHub – Free

With this app, you can search for any restaurant, its menus and reviews. You may like to search the right place for different cuisines and look up their location/address. The app saves past orders and enables you to reorder in just a few taps. You can also track your orders.

Are you ready to top your Class with these Smart Apps?

Student life is the best phase in anyone’s life. A lot of memories are made, life-changing experiences are encountered and life-skills are learnt. But when these are continuously interrupted by trivial things, it can get a little annoying.

Let these popular Android apps for students take care of your life—even as you concentrate on your studies or hang out with friends!

So, are you ready to download these apps—today?