Exciting Android Apps

Today, with a growing number of kids having their very own Android tablets and other devices, the demand for bright, colourful and smart-learning apps has surpassed all levels of popularity. From downloading thousands of fun-time Android apps for kids on their Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Google’s Nexus 7 or Tesco’s Hudlz to getting easy access to other educational stuff –modern day children have a lot on their cards with their precious digital possessions.

Now, the big question is, “Which are the best apps of kids?” Unfortunately, many of them fail to thrill and aren’t very good. As it’s very challenging to keep kids engaged these days, you need to get your hands on the most creative and interactive Android apps that will promise to keep them entertained for hours together, along with teaching them too.

Read on to find more about the best Android apps for your kids.

AniWorld Lite – Free

This is a very interactive app that teaches kids about animals. Through this app, children can see animals grow up, learn the sounds they make and visit their habitats. They can ‘feed and pet’ the animals too. There are 36 different animals and 250+ pictures to learn from.

Homework – Free

Homework AppIt’s an educational app that keeps a track of your kid’s homework and timetable.

Designed for school-going kids,it has features for scheduling homework and classes, setting reminders, planning exams and managing overall study-time.

You’ll get notifications for unfinished homework and upcoming exams as well.

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Steamy Window – Free

This has to be one of the most engaging Android apps for kids who love drawing. It makes your home-screen ‘steamy’ and capable of being wiped with fingers. Your kids will have a great time doodling. More steam can be created by blowing into the mike. By adjusting the volume buttons, a frozen window and sandy window effect can be given too!

iStory Books – Free

Fairy-tales and folk stories get a new feel through this interactive app. Here, a voice-over narrates the stories, the pictures are engaging and alternative languages are available for better understanding. While 11 books are pre-installed on the app, new books are uploaded every 2 weeks.

Endless Alphabet– Free+ in-app purchase

Kids can have a lot fun learning alphabets and words with this app. Adorable, talking monsters act out different words and give their definitions. This interactive app comes with seven words for free and the rest get unlocked by a single in-app purchase. With this interesting app in their hands, kids can learn words at their own pace.

coIAR Mix – Free + in-app purchase

This app gives a taste of augmented reality to the skills and activity levels of your kids. Give them a blank drawing sheet to work upon and encourage their strokes. Once done, point their Android’s camera at the picture and watch it come to life as a 3D animation. This can be zoomed in and out and can be seen from any angle. The animation can be paused and played to different music as well.

0-10 numbers – Free

This app will teach numbers to your kids. The flashcards are in bright and attractive colours and the characters are anthropomorphised. It’s available in English and the clear enunciation of this app ensures that your kids understand and learn numbers quickly.

Toca Builders – $3.25

This is a creative app that lets your kid build anything using blocks. With Toca Builders, kids can joyfully lift, smash, spray and assemble their blocks to any other man-made thing. They can make the builders jump, walk, roll and rotate too. Here, you may even like to take a snapshot of the fantasy world created by your excited kids.

Toy Story: Story Theatre – $2.99

This app encourages kids to become story-tellers through Toy Story’s characters. They can choose their favourite characters, places, events and even actions for the characters and then record a story in their voice. There are multiple backgrounds and props to choose from.

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Friend Strip Kids Pro – $1.65

With this app, kids can create their own comic strips. Choose characters, scenarios and stories from this app’s extensive library, guide your kids to write appropriate text and their comic strip is ready! There are some special effects too.

Paper Airplanes – Free

If your kid loves playing with airplanes, then this is the perfect app for him/her. You can make 20 models of paper airplanes with the help of this app. With easy to understand, step by step instructions, descriptions of folds and pictorial representations in store; this app is surely worthy of a download.

Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo – $3.25

Mr Shingu helps kids create a zoo through the art of virtual origami folding. This is a very interactive app that may encourage your kids to try origami in reality too. You can create any animal through this app.

Get Set……… Go!

Open a new and innovative world of creativity and fun for your kids and let them explore new methods of learning, story-telling and giving life to their imagination. So, are you ready to say “hello” to smarter and happier kids and facilitate their growing processes in every conceivable way?

Get these best Android apps for kids on their device and watch them have a great time-today!