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Google Play Game Services: How to Use It & Get the Best Results

Virtual platforms, mobile apps, and all kinds of gadgets and devices have become a crucial part of our daily life, especially when it comes to killing boredom. The number of people...

Laptops Vs. E-Readers: Which Should I Choose?

It wasn’t that long ago that a discussion on the best laptops or eReaders was something out of science fiction. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, if one wanted to...

Converting Music for Various Devices

Do you enjoy listening to your music on a variety of different devices including your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, computer, and various other platforms? Nowadays it is a safe bet that...
laptop vs chromebook

Difference between Chromebook and Laptop: What You Need to Know

Are trying to decide what is best, a laptop or a chromebook?  You know what they are but do you really know the difference between Chromebook and Laptop?  If you don't,...
Samsung Gear VR headset

Is VR the Smart Bet These Days?

Change and innovations can sometimes come from places and ideas that you least expect!  For example, along with the porn industry, it was the gambling industry that has been pioneering new...
difference between echo and dot

What’s the Difference Between Echo and Echo Dot?

Trying to figure out what are the differences between Echo and Echo Dot? It wasn't that long ago that voice-controlled speakers and smart home assistants were seen as science fiction. However,...
Big Data Word Cloud

6 Crucial Ways to Protect Your Data

Just as you would install a security door, or an alarm and safe to protect your valuables at home, ensuring that your digital data remains secure requires a slew of protective...
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Computer Glasses vs. Reading Glasses: What You Need to Know

Computer glasses vs. reading glasses, which do you need and why?  Isn't "why" always the question to so many things?  In the digital age, people get confused as to whether they...
How are IP address on the internet classified

How are IP Addresses Available to the Internet Classified?

Trying to figure out what exactly is an IP address and how are they classified? Well, an IP address is a unique combination of figures in the web that enable you...
Maze VR game review

“Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding”: VR Game for Gear VR and Google Cardboard

There are lots of game types that you can find nowadays, but only a select few actually make you think and enjoy your time a lot more than ever before. Maze...