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The Competitive Advantage of Using Embedded Bi

Many companies are using embedded BI to help advance their business. For those that don't know this term, embedded BI stands for "embedded business intelligence".  When you incorporate embedded BI into...

2018 Best 3D Printers Reviewed

  2018 saw the birth of several first-class technologies including the release of new 3D printing technologies. Finding the right 3D printer can be quite time intensive, especially if you’re a first-time...
Small Business

Small Business IT Support – Building a Solid Business Foundation

The reality of life as we live it today is that there is hardly any aspect of it that can go on smoothly without some form of technology or the other....
Phone Apps

The Best Apps to Have This Year: Our 2019 Picks

In the weeks leading up to the New Year, we almost always see articles that list the "Best Of...." for just about everything and the best apps of the year is...
cell phone glasses

The Technologies Transforming Payments And Money Management

  63% of people with a smartphone have at least one financial app, and 70% check their bank’s app at least once a week. That's a HUGE change from just a decade or so...

Instagram: How to Grow Your Business and Followers

If you haven’t heard of the benefits of a large and active Instagram following for your business, then you need to start paying attention right…..now!  Because massive results have happened for...

How Electronic Board Games Have Changed Over the Last Three Decades

If you are old enough, you have witnessed the transition of board games from elementary cardboard editions to somewhat enhanced electronic ones. At the time, having a game that involves a...
Mario Bros

Mario Bros. – All Time Classic Still a Fan Favorite

If you are trying to decide what are the most popular online computer games, there’s one that simply stands head and shoulders above the rest!  And no, it’s not Call of...
tablet vs laptop

Protecting Essential Back-to-School Technology

Education has evolved dramatically in recent years, primarily through the development of new electronic devices. Whether it's a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, every student is carrying at least one...

FinTech Primed To Challenge Traditional Banks

It wasn’t too long ago that FinTech was barely a blip on economists’ radar - few people knew or had even heard of the company. Now, it’s a powerful presence within...