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With the change in season comes changes in clothing and gear that you use every day.  And for those that love cooler temps, now is a great time to check out the latest options and outfits for this time of year.  But if you are like most people, this is also a crazy busy time of year compared to summer.  So, how can you stay on track AND get yourself the items that you need for Fall and Winter?  Well, since this is a site all about tech gadgets and gear, you know we’re going to say….online!

As with most things there is an app to help you style yourself, get you or the kids things they need and even buy yourself a “treat” (especially since Halloween is around the corner!)

If you begin to think about how much we do use apps, in fact how much we have come to actually rely on certain ones then it’s pretty incredible to remember that it was only ten years ago that the first generation iPhone was launched. Since then technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds with mobile devices surpassing computer usage by 65%, and over 85% of that is in the use of apps.

Now we can find our favorite games, browse, shop and pay using our mobile devices amongst other things like health monitory and educational apps, and all of this is done is superb quality and quickly due to the increased speed and connectivity of Wi-Fi.

best Gaming LaptopsGames weren‘t as successful until technology improved. Pages loaded so slowly (8 out of 10 pages crashed) and to be quite frank, the whole experience was pretty awful.  Luckily the sites and internet have advanced and the industry has gone from strength to strength, so if you like to play Swanky Bingo for example, you can enjoy it, knowing that the experience will be safe, secure and full of fun while you catch up with friends and check out all the latest news and gossip.

So what are options to check out while on the run this Fall?

Computer Man Credit Card 2If you are one of the many that like to start at ground level then you then check out Sytlet which helps you to find the perfect shoes for any occasion. You can browse through whole selections and with over 10,000 brands to choose from shoe lovers will be in heaven.  And of course the classic site to explore might also include Zappos as well!

ShopStyle allows users to browse then compare prices and buy from hundreds of retailers.  There is an option to set a sale alert on any product or in any category that you like.  You can also create your wish list and the app features a personal feed daily of new products from your favourite brands.

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The Hunt app connects you to over four million users who all help each other create and discover new styles and trends.  You can browse hundreds of completed outfits and the app will also help you find where to buy your completed look.  All you need to do is post a pic of a favorite outfit you have seen and other users of the app will be able to point you in the right direction.  This is a real community app, with polls on the latest trends, beauty blogs and much more.

Finally we are going to check out Polyvore which offers you inspiration from others members of the app.  Users can also put together their own outfits in order to inspire others  Any outfits that you like the look at you can shop for via the app with tips about all the latest tending items available whilst you browse, and the more you browse the better the outfits and the accessories will be shown to you.

So enjoy the change of season and let us know what other cool apps you’ve found for shopping and making life easier as this crazy period of the year kicks off!