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Well, everyone in the tech community is certainly excited with the anticipated launch of Windows 10. According to latest insider reports, speculation is high windows 10 launch will take place at the end of July 2015. This is definitely exciting news for tech lovers who hope that this Windows 8 successor will live up to its expectations and avail an array of new cool and exciting features.

After first being unveiled in April 2014, the clock is ticking fast with the summer date quickly approaching. Lots of people are definitely waiting for the launch but few know exactly what Windows 10 is bringing on board.

If you’ve no idea about Windows 10 features, feel free to sign up for the free Windows Insider Program and try out the Beta version. Of course, don’t anticipate seeing all the features just yet. It’s not yet fully functional and stable.

So, let’s discuss the highlights of Windows 10 features a lot of you may not be aware of.

1. The biggest surprise regarding Windows 10 is that it is expected to work across all devices. Gadgets such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, phablets as well as Xbox games console and HoloLens. With Windows 10, users can efficiently manage their devices and appliances at home.

2. Enhanced Touch/ Keyboard and Mouse integration: A lot of complains were raised about the annoying process of switching between touch and keyboard in Windows 8. When developing Windows 10 features, Microsoft has made improvements introducing a new feature called Continuum which means better collaboration between two input methods.

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Using the new technology, Microsoft 10 will have the capability to easily move in between various modes based on the way users interact with their gadgets. This new technology will incorporate new designs such as Start Menu and other windowed desktop apps.

3. Virtual Desktop: A virtual desktop is described as one of the most spectacular Windows 10 features. Even though no official name has been availed yet, it’s expected to resemble Exposé on Mac OS X and Linux multiple desktops. There is a new ‘task view’ button that enables users to easily start a new virtual desktop and switch between them. Good news is that it is possible to customize each desktop for instance to move in between personal and work modes.

Microsoft has confirmed that programs that have been opened in virtual desktops will still be running in the background. This will be interesting to look out for especially in relation to how Microsoft 10 will navigate memory challenges but at the same time, de-clutter desktop space.

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4. Pricing and Availability: If you’ve been worried that you will miss out on awesome Microsoft 10 features because of high pricing, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Microsoft plans to allow its users enjoy a free upgrade of Windows 10 for the first year. However, there’s a catch; you will only be able to upgrade if you’re on Windows 7 or a later version. This is unfortunately disappointing for Windows XP users and previous versions who will be locked out.

One thing, those who upgrade will enjoy free upgrades of Windows 10. It isn’t clear whether upgrades done after the first year will still be free.

5. Enhanced 3D Imaging and Hologram Projection: One of the coolest Windows 10 features is the incorporation of a new set of technologies dubbed Microsoft Holographic that will enable high quality 3D streaming for various Windows 10 Apps. Microsoft HoloLens projection googles will enable users to do a host of activities such as interaction with coworkers, 3D exploration of Mars and play Minecraft 3D version. HoloStudio Software will still be used to develop 3D applications.

Microsoft’s announcement that 3D capabilities will be included in Windows 10 features is definitely a welcome announcement. Trying out HoloLens at the testing event caught many by surprise. Windows 10 is expected to receive a major boost when it is finally launched with phenomenal 3D capabilities for modern age tech enthusiasts.

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In Windows 10, three technologies will come together; Windows Holographic, Windows HoloLens and HoloStudio application. Windows Holographic will ensure that 3D is easily incorporated into future versions of Windows 10. On the other hand, Windows HoloLens is a headset that makes it possible to view and interact with 3D images. HoloStudio application allows one to come up with their holograms.

6. ‘Universal’ Office Apps: One of the exciting features of Windows 10 is the incorporation of a host of Office Apps that will not only be touch friendly but will conveniently run on all gadgets. For those of you who plan to buy Windows tables and phones, they will be supplied with pre-installed Office Apps and therefore can be used immediately.

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Why is Microsoft doing all this? In the recent past, a lot of third party applications have come into the Market. For Microsoft, the priority is to reclaim its territory by outshining free productivity applications with Google Drive being the main culprit. However, it’s still not clear whether these universal apps will integrate with Office 365 or the anticipated Office 2016 desktop software.

7. Cortana in Windows 10: Most of you must be wondering what Cortana is. Well, some of you might recognize the bold digital assistant female voice that featured in Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana is set to be one Windows 10 features. Using this feature, it will be possible to either speak or type to work with your PC.  And can you tell us who else used the name “Cortana”?  Gamers ought to know that answer….

8. Two Browsers for Windows 10: This is definitely good news for those who love to surf since Windows 10 will come with two fully functional browsers. Aside from Internet Explorer 11, Spartan a new browser being developed by Microsoft rumored to later replace Internet Explorer.

9. Enhanced Gaming Windows 10 Features: Big chances are on the way for those who love gaming. Windows 10 ushers in DirectX 12 API that guarantees better speed, performance and efficiency. One of the biggest features of Windows 10 will be a ‘game DVR’ mode that enables recordings of the last 30 seconds of play. The biggest news for games is Microsoft’s announcement that it will allow cross platform PC-Xbox play.

With all the above Windows 10 features, there is a lot to expect with the new Microsoft OS.  What do you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below ~