Our understanding of the world and the ways we use that information are growing exponentially every day. Keeping up with the latest developments can be a full-time job. But there are some simple ways to keep that information flowing toward you in a steady stream. Check out these apps, social media channels, podcasts, and other avenues of learning that will keep you abreast of new developments.


twitterTwitter is the grandaddy of incoming information. If you follow the right accounts, your cell phone will become a fountain of info on all sorts of topics. Start with big hitters like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, or NASA. Add some voices from your specific industry or area of interest, whether that’s football, food or your favorite gambling option, such as Allslots, and see whom they are following to expand your circle of influence and information. If you don’t love social media, don’t worry. You don’t need to tweet or to have notifications turned on to benefit from a well-cultivated stream; just check your feed once a day, the way you might read a newspaper, and see what’s developing and what tips, ideas or news you can use.


MashableIf you frequent the Mashable website, you know it’s a gold mine for tech geeks and others. The Mashable app alerts you to stories that are getting the most attention, so you can stay on top of whatever is going viral without checking the site obsessively. The app automatically adapts itself to your device’s strengths, so if you’re sporting new phone such iPhone 7 Plus, the app will take advantage of that fast network, fast processor, and large screen size, but if you’re on a slower or smaller phone you’ll be fed the appropriate version.

Tech News

Tech News is a customizable app that lets you choose the sources you want to follow. Follow major news outlets like CNET, Digg, Digital Trends, Lifehacker, TED and more. You can update your list on the fly, choose from mobile or desktop versions of the sources, and drag and drop to prioritize your tech news. You can also add favorites and share the news stories that interest you.

Appy Geek

Appy Geek appImage via

Appy Geek has long been a leader among news apps for mobile devices. The interface lets you build a personal news profile and then delivers breaking tech news tailored to your interests. You get complete articles in a very visual format covering mobile devices, gadgets, wearables, science, art, tech culture, and more. You can customize everything from your daily news digest and RSS feeds to your home screen and reading preferences. Appy Geek’s system will serve you related topics as well, to help you broaden your knowledge around your areas of interest.

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CNETImage via Wikipedia

You probably depend on the CNET website for its massive searchable archive of unbiased reviews, but did you know the venerable tech site also offers a mobile app? The app offers the reviews CNET is known for, plus tech news articles and videos. You can also share your opinions on the technology you’ve experienced first-hand to help other users make informed decisions. If your career or personal interests center around products, gadgets, or apps for mobile and desktop systems, CNET is an essential information source for you.

Discovery News

Discovery NewsImage via

If you want to keep up with more general science news in addition to other innovations, Discovery News is a popular choice. This news delivery app from the Discovery Channel keeps you up to date on hard science news across the spectrum with over 300 stories every month in article and video formats. View lists of top stories and videos, or use the “Discovernator,” a random fact generator that will feed your need for trivia. You can also search by topic.

If your goal is to stay on top of breaking developments, news and information, these apps will put the information you need directly in the palm of your hand. You’ll need to guard against information overload, though; it’s a good idea to try out some news sources then cull your app collection to a few that serve your needs well. Let us know which sources you use and why?