Ready to get the inside story with our Lenovo tablet review for 2016?  ThinkPad laptops by IBM haven’t really been seen in about 10 years now. But thanks to Lenovo tablets and laptops, the Think Pad is back again! The manufacturer Lenovo, of Beijing, China, is a legend in computer making and in recent times they have made their mark with laptops with the famous accu type keyboard.  But Lenovo is working to make inroads into the new generation of tablet competition and it wants to win! Therefore it has come out with a few out of the box tablets that have opened the eyes of the electronics community with innovative design and features.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2

Let us first go through the Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2 which has become the heart throb of the tablet industry. Yoga tablet Pro 2 has dimensions of 13.1 × 8.8 × 0.1 inches. At first glance it gives the look of a quite hefty tablet. That’s the exact opposite approach that of some of the latest ultra slim tablets have been going for.  But (and it’s a BIG but) it weighs in around 2.1 pounds.

The best thing about this tablet is that it can replace your TV. All you need is a blank wall and you can cast your favorite TV shows on this canvas. This Android tablet has a pico projector, which allows you to stream videos, sketches or notes on any surface.  Very cool!

On the other hand, the tablet’s 13 inch QHD display is big enough to watch videos and pictures onscreen. The JBL speakers in this Android’s outstanding body has almost turned the tablet into an entertainment zone for music and movies.

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This one has a glossy display which on the flip side attracts smudges and finger prints. The plastic back lid of the slate has the looks of a MacBook, the only exception is the Lenovo logo which stands in the center. Just below it, sits a rounded panel bowl which holds the JBL woofer. The 8 mega pixel rear camera rests there too, along with the kickstand button. If you press the kickstand button, the slate releases the stand in position by folding out the prop to let the sturdy tablet stand upright.

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On the left side of the Yoga tablet 2 resides the volume rocker and the micro USB slot and an audio jack. On the right side you get the projector on/off switch.  This Pro 2 has advanced himself ahead of the previous Yoga models. The tablet can sit and stand in three different positions, so you can now watch movies of few hours long without having to hold the tab in an upright position.

Hold mode – The kickstand of the slate folds in comfortably to give you an easy grip of the tablet.

Stand mode – You need to extend the kickstand fully here to make the tablet stand in a perpendicular position.

Tilt mode – For this position you need to rest the sharp edge of the tablet on a table surface to enjoy watching videos or for using the sketching onscreen.

Hang Mode – This mode is an extra addition to the Yoga Pro 2. There is a hole cut in the kickstand which makes room for JBL woofers and also allows you to hang the tablet from a door knob or hook.  That’s a twist that you might not find on all Lenovo tablets let alone other brands!

The Yoga Tablet Pro2 has also an embedded Wolfson Master Audio Processing chip for clear sound minus the noise.

Now Let Us Take a Look and Review Other Top of the Line Tablets from Lenovo

Lenovo Mix 3 10.1 inch

The most stunning feature of this tablet is the 10.1 inch big screen.  This tablet works well with its size, weight and battery life. This Windows 8.1 tablet is a perfect business tablet. It’s weight of 1.2 pounds gives it a very sturdy built and has eight hours long battery life.

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If you are talking about the processing power and RAM, chances are you might not be too impressed with these features in the tablet. But nevertheless its perfect screen size and respectable battery life makes the Windows 8.1 tablet a very commendable business and travel companion.

Lenovo Idea Tablet A8

This is an extremely lightweight tablet running the Windows 8.1 operating system. Lenovo has made a name for itself by making exceptional business laptops and tablets. The Tab A8 once again lives up to its name.  The processor here is not top of the line but the tab is extremely lightweight and very portable.

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The smart sidebar optimizes the display settings. You have the advantage of sound, as the tablet has front facing speakers with Dolby Audio. The built in satellite GPS works offline. This tablet is a good option for those who prefer running Windows 8.1 on Android.

Lenovo Yoga 10 HD

This might be slightly older than some of the other options out of the box but if you want an epic battery life then go for this Lenovo tablets 10 inch version. If used at intervals, then this tab runs for two to three days in a row. In total it can run for 18 hours on one full charge. The built in stand has made the tablet suitable to be used in variety of modes. You can hold it in one hand mode, keep it in built in stand mode or you may keep it on a table like a laptop.  It has a decent RAM and better processor than its predecessors. It comes in an attractive design with Dolby digital audio. The display screen automatically optimizes screen brightness and contrast.

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The only downside is it does not come with keyboard or case. Also, it should be noted that  the screen can get scratches if not protected.

Lenovo Tab 2 A7 30

This time Lenovo has changed directions from a business tablet to a casual tablet. This tablet is relatively small when compared to other Lenovo tablets.  This is more of a casual tablet. It weighs just over half a pound.  Who would think that’s even possible for a table?  So if an adult and those with large hands ought to check out some of the other options above. For a teenager or a child is using this tablet, it is going to work best in small hands. It has enhanced Dolby audio system so for music and sound purposes it sports a decent sound effect. This tab is inexpensive compared to other Lenovo models, so it is a good choice and worth looking at.

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These cover the top Lenovo tablets,  we wanted to make sure that we hit several of them in our Lenovo tablet review so that you knew what was out there and which options would work best for you. Lenovo incorporates the finest software for its laptops and tablets. Give them a try and see the difference yourself!  Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section?