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Dr. Dre—an entrepreneur , record producer and full-time rapper says, “People aren’t hearing all the music.” This converts into a more accurate assessment that states : people are failing to buy the right headphones.

In the contemporary scenario, the audio market is saturated to the core with products and their advertising strategies. While clueless consumers are readily snapping up brand names at $300+ price tags; the better, cheaper pairs wait to grab attention. Where is the problem? Audio experiences are taking a backseat—especially when it comes to analyzing branded products. But then, most buyers find it difficult to differentiate between the sound and unsound.

After getting together the review scores, specs and features for scores of headphones—from full-featured DJ pairs to budget ear buds— we have enlisted the top 10 headphone brands in 2016. We take you through a well informed journey that defines the brands that appropriately deserve your attention . They are the ones ‘for your ears only’.

The results may probably surprise you. Quoting Dr. Dre, “Sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt—you never been on a ride like this before.”

Bose Quiet Comfort 15

Hi-tech noise-cancelling headphones: $269.00 On Amazon

Bose Quiet Comfort 15Even after five years of its launch, the world of pure music has yet to witness another noise-cancelling set of headphones that surpasses the features of this exclusive product from Bose. Bose happens to be the king among business travelers, musicians and sound lovers—its products like Quiet Comfort 15 headphones are the reason why.

Complete with a set of smart-looking, strategically-placed microphones on the interior and exterior of the headphones, the QC 15 succeeds in creating a sound vacuum and creates your own quiet oasis, in the noisiest settings too. Its award winning features include accurate audio, long battery life and a comfortable fit, along with an excellent performance quotient in terms of noise-cancellation. These over-ear headphones deliver loud surround sounds, are ensconced in soft ear cups and boast of accurate details.

The go-to headphones for avid music-lovers and travelers; the Quiet Comfort 15 is surely worth a look.

V-Moda XS Headphones

On-Ear headphones with a difference : $199.99 on Amazon

V-Moda XS HeadphonesV-Moda is consistently raising the bar in the headphone industry. The leaders in music technology, this company has now incorporated its high attention to detailing and produced the XS on-ear(supra-aural) headphones. Highly customizable, stylish and durable, these on-ear cans serve to be the ultimate visual showstopper.

In addition, they sound just “great” and produce balanced, defined audio. They also allow you to share music with a friend with the help of dual analog ports. With customizable side plates, comfortable fit and a reasonable price, this is the perfect product for fashion-conscious music fans.

V-Moda’s bespoke approach to audio befittingly outfits the XS headphones in aluminum and leather and makes it more travel-worthy and robust. In terms of delivering audio, the XS is far superior to most rival products and boasts of clear vocals and rich bass. In a nutshell, the XS is a smart buy for those looking for higher balance and greater durability in their music experiences.

Bowers & Wilkins P7

Over-ear headphones to make you rock: $449.99 on Amazon

Bowers & Wilkins P7Outfitted in luxury styling and extremely soft leather, B&W has come up with yet another amazing set of cans. Though on the steeper side, these headphones are noted for their amazingly clear sound deliveries and their level of comfort is in one word—“stellar”. The other welcoming features of the W7 are its inline controller/ microphone for iOS devices, detachable cabling, folding hinged ear cups and yes, the ritzy-looking case for carrying it around. Some of its most appreciable features include:

  • The P7’s sound performance is a revelation and delivers a wonderful sense of balance, space and clarity across the frequency range.
  • Compact and foldable, it’s easy to carry and a boon for travelers.
  • Its dual cavity cushioned ear pads and state-of-the art over-ear design envelopes you in a surreal soundscape and isolates outside sound.
  • Its total compatibility with iPhone microphone cable / remote and a generic cable that can be used with all tablets, smart phones and MP3 players.

This Bowers & Wilkins’ ace offering comes with a 2-year limited warranty when purchased from authorized dealers. Go for it.

Wireless Beats Studio

Over-ear Bluetooth head phones : $379.95 on Amazon

Wireless Beats Studio headphoneToday, these are some of the most impressive-sounding and reliable Bluetooth headphones on the racks. Boasting of classier styling and more balanced bass than past models; it is oft-purchased for its adaptive noise cancellation features, on-board controls that handle playback effectively and a long battery life of more than 12 hours. If you are still looking for more music after the headphones batteries drain out, then just plug in the included cable and you are good to go, once again. The many benefits of choosing this branded product includes:

  • Versatility through wired and wireless capability. The Beats Studio Wireless headset delivers the highest sound quality that made Dr. Dre famous , without getting the cord tangled or in your way.
  • The ease of playing controls via the device and incredibly clear sound performance. With loud and powerful audio , this product is as effective as any other wired headphone.
  • Offering of support to SBC, AAC and the facility of high quality streaming.

The over-ear headphone marketed as Beats Studio comes packaged with a USB charging cable, ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ cleaning cloth, carrying case, mic cable and in-line control.

Turtle Beach Ear Force i60

Best gaming head set for ‘Gen-Next’ : $ 294 approx. on Amazon

Turtle Beach Ear Force i60The i60 offers a huge, heavily featured set for all gaming enthusiasts. Packaged with a wireless audio, a built-in mic, an iOS control app and excellent sound controls, these headphones are totally equipped to connect to PCs/ Macs via USB and the base station that’s included with the set.

The base set is specifically designed to transmit uncompressed 7.1-channel audio to phones and tablets via Bluetooth. Power-packed with a 10-hour battery life, these headphones are indeed very comfortable and can double up as wired headphones.

The Ear Force i60 works as Turtle Beach’s flagship media (wireless) headset model and provides a generous mix of good sound quality and surround mix. In terms of EQ malleability, it provides good returns too. Coupled with its overall build, superhuman charge time and functionality with many mobile devices, it goes a long way in justifying its heavy price tag. Unfortunately, it’s still a few minimalist design options away from pleasing audiophile Apple users, but then, it surely strikes the chord with the rest of the market. A must-see indeed!

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Sennheiser HD25 Aluminum

DJ headphones for amazing sound experiences: $329.95 on Amazon

Sennheiser HD25 Aluminum

This latest offering from the globally acclaimed brand, Sennheiser, is crafted from high-quality aluminum for giving it a more elegant and sophisticated look. Aluminum helps in warming up the already impressive audio ,especially that on the low end. It proves to be boon for DJs and music mixers globally.

Extremely sturdy and complete with a dual-arm headband that promises to stay in place irrespective of how hard you desire to bounce around, the HD25s is known for featuring a smooth midrange, tight bass and detailed treble. It is equally capable of delivering extremely high sound pressure levels (to the tune of 120 dB). Its important features are:

  • With a contact pressure in the range of 3.2N; its on-ear closed back design provides no sound leakage with a high attenuation of the background noise.
  • High-grade machined ear cups made of aluminum help deliver exceptional durability and sound quality (> .3% THD).
  • The rotatable ear cup provides one-ear monitoring.
  • It is extremely robust yet lightweight yet construction offers both durability and wearing comfort.
  • 70-ohm impedance, which acts as a perfect match for home as well as studio monitoring audio equipment. Is one of its main product highlights.
  • Last but not the least, a 2 year warranty comes along with this product and makes it a value added product for you.

With all this and a lot more in store, these headphones are surely the way to go.

Way Forward

The list of best headphones for the year 2016 goes on and on…………………….

Once you are ready to invest, you need to ensure that the product chosen by you has a combination of everything that’s mentioned in the products stated above: Comfort, durability, noise reduction, good price point and looks.

It’s always better to invest in a fine pair of headphones as you can indulge your senses in your favorite music– without having to think of tangled cables, lost calls, bad surround sounds or anything else apart from music!

So, instead of getting confused or going from pillar to post, simply log on the sites that sell these products , take a closer look at their product features and other specifications, match them up with your immediate requirements and click on “Pay”.

Very soon, you will be the proud owner of a headset that makes you the envy of the town!


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