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Over the years, laptops have overtaken desktops in home computing and more people are looking for different ways to use their portable PCs in more comfortable and easy ways. This need has led to the introduction of laptop lap desks.

What is a laptop lap desk? It’s a lap table that offers a helpful solution especially when you want to work on your computer from the sofa, bed or floor such as I am doing right now. A laptop tray keeps the laptop’s heat off your legs and provides a functional platform for all your PC needs.

One of the wisest things you can do as a laptop user is to invest in a laptop lap desk. Most of the time, people fail to invest in a lap desk for their laptop because they think it’s easier to use a laptop on their laps. For your information, there are numerous health risks associated with placing a laptop on one’s lap. For starters, some studies have indicated tht men stand a high risk of becoming impotent (remember, we’re not doctors here so check with your medical practitioner first!). Placing a laptop on your lap can also cause the dreaded “Toasted Skin Syndrome”. Instead of exposing your health to this threat, it would be best to consider purchasing the best laptop lap desk that will work for you.

We’ve have compiled a list of 10 best laptop lap desks that will suit all your needs and styles. Before we have a look through our selection, let’s check some of the factors to consider when looking for the best laptop lap desk.

How to Choose the Ideal Laptop Lap Desk

laptop lap desk

There are essential aspects that need to be accounted for when choosing a portable laptop desk for lap. This is because you are likely to come across different laptop lap desk options and chances of choosing the wrong one are high. The best laptop lap desk should match all your needs to the letter.

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Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a laptop lap desk:


Generally, most lap desks for laptops are small in size and way smaller when compared to desktop desks for computers. The portable lap desk size you choose to invest in should be convenient and the right size for you.  In case you have other accessories such as a mouse or writing paper and pen that you intend to place on the desk, then a larger laptop desk will be a better choice.  If you are someone that wants to use your lap desk when on the run, a smaller size might be best so that it can store easily and travel well.


Are you looking for any particular or specific shape? The shape of a laptop lap desk may seem less important but it’s actually good to consider it. This is because some shapes may be awkward and not offer the best surface for your laptop. A good laptop tray should be flat and with a good shape to ensure your laptop stand well and that it’s well covered. It should also be able to support a wrist pillow.


The market offers lap desks for laptops that are wooden while others are metal or plastic. Wooden laptop lap desks are cheap, durable and light – hence they can be carried around easily. On the other hand, metal or some plastic laptop lap desks are more expensive and durable.


If you are going to have a laptop, it’s likely that you chose it for its portability over a desktop computer.  So that means that to use it effectively as well as to eliminate any health risk, you need an equally portable laptop lap desk. The best laptop lap desk should be lightweight to facilitate you being able to easily carry it around.  Another portability feature to consider is the folding legs. A laptop tray that turns into a board-like item when the legs are folded is easier to carry from one point to another. In addition, a laptop lap desk with fan is a good choice as well if your computer runs hot and heavy like many gaming computers do.

6 Best Laptop Lap Desks: Features, Price and Functionality

Espresso Wooden Lap Desk ($32.50)

best laptop lap desk

If you are looking for a laptop lap desk with a sleek finish, this is good choice. This laptop lap desk has flip top, pull out drawer and it’s completely made of solid wood in an espresso finish. It’s perfect for working in bed or lounging in a sofa or pool. Espresso wooden lap desk adjusts perfectly so you have control over the space. The legs also fold in and out easily and the desk is not heavy to move around.

Rapahan Folding Laptop Desk ($57.99)

laptop desk for lap

This definitely qualifies as one of our favorite for best laptop lap desk because it is amazingly functional. Take your laptop off your lap and elevate it with this innovative folding table. It is ideal for lounging in bed or on the sofa but is also great as a simple stand up desk to raise your laptop so you can start working while standing up.  (To learn more, check out our best standing desks review here!)

The extra large and attractive tabletop will fit the largest laptops while leaving enough room for your mouse and plenty of space underneath to fit people of all sizes. This portable lap desk has a water resistant laminate tabletop that is easy to clean. The legs are made of high quality aluminum, making it lightweight, sturdy and strong.

LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk ($34.99)

laptop lap desks

Looking for a laptop lap desk with mouse pad? LapGear XL laptop lap desk is the perfect choice.  This laptop tray is a bestseller and it’s available in classic black and compatible with laptops up to 17 inches.  The premium dual bolster cushions are seriously comfy and the new airflow channel reduces unwanted heat from the laptop.

With this lap desk, you get everything you need – a massive workspace, right hand and left hand non-slip mouse pads, a cushy wrist pad that keeps your laptop from sliding, 2 zippered pockets for storage, and a convenient carrying handle.

Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk ($28.49)

lap desk for laptop

This laptop lap desk works great for students, travelers and people with limited mobility. Honey-Can-Do portable lap desk includes a removable pad and built in handle for easy portability. It has solid MDF surface material which is easy to clean and care. This laptop lap desk is light in weight and its compact size is ideal and it’s a great barrier from laptop heat or tablets.  Works great for bed, sofa, car and more – includes removable padded cushion.

Cooler Master NotePal LapAir – Laptop Lap Desk ($29.99)

laptop lap desk with fan

Still looking for the best laptop lap desk? This is a perfect laptop lap desk with fan. It has a noiseless fan with great cooling performance and soft mat for great lap comfort. Its ergonomic design provides the best viewing and typing angle.

Accessing the fan for quick cleaning is easy enough and the laptop lap desk is powered via USB port pass. The heavy-duty profile with sponge mat cushion provides a comfortable padded pillow that’s perfect for lap use, while still being portable.

Bestseller Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Lap Desk ($99.99)

laptop tray

Say goodbye to neck pain and tension from always looking down at your laptop with this lap desk. Executive office solutions laptop stand is designed to allow you to set up an office anywhere. It is easy to carry around, lightweight and features an aluminum frame.

This laptop tray makes a perfect desk for your laptop and you can use it for other several uses as well such as TV dinner tray, book tray, writing desk, projector table, tablet holder and standing desk. Quickly plug in the USB cord and turn on the ultra-quiet cooling fans to chill things out!

So if you are looking for the best lap desk, we think that you ought to find a great choice in this collection of the best laptop lap desks we’ve seen this year!  Let us know which one is your favorite or that you use in the comments below.