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Till even a decade ago, the smartphone was an item of luxury – possessed by few, and coveted by many. Today, 10 years down the line, everyone has a smartphone in their hands.

The usage of phones has also shifted drastically from basic activities such as calling to advanced technological innovations that have made the mobile phone a complex technical marvel.

With such a plethora of services on offer, not a single shadow of doubt remains on the amount of time spent on the smartphone.

However, do all users devotedly pay attention to their phones, or do they combine using the phone with other mundane activities?

Multitasking is often said to be counter-productive, but that hasn’t really done anything to stop people from juggling other activities alongside using their phones.

From an infographic, we can classify the percentage of people who combine smartphone usage with other day-to-day tasks.

Mobile Phones Use with other Daily Tasks:-

  • man in toilet with mobileA staggering 61% of people use their smartphones while watching TV, which is, in fact, a pretty wise thing to do, considering that you don’t have to give up on either a rerun of your favorite TV show, or that important text you simply have to reply to.
  • The combination of using a phone and watching a movie makes the number drop to a scanty 8%, which is again, quite justified, seeing that being engrossed in a riveting movie doesn’t really allow for too much space to pick up your phone and join a group conversation.
  • 35% of people tend to use their phones while playing with their children, while another 37% use their phones to check up on the events around them even while attending a party.
  • In what is a pretty startling scenario, About 32%of people are in the habit of using their phones while driving a car and which can be controlled from individual efforts.

This can mean only one of two things – either the possibility of encountering a crisis which would entail a use of the smartphone almost triples when someone is driving, or people are too nonchalant and unaware regarding the hazards of using their phones while driving.

Uses, Misuses, Advantages & Disadvantages of USING Mobile Phones

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You would think that maybe people would give their phones a miss while dining out, but they apparently don’t, seeing as 36%of people use their phones while eating out at restaurants.

This is definitely intriguing, but an established fact, nonetheless.

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