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It’s definitely true that most people can’t stand the audio quality on their TVs. Unfortunately, even the modern sets have a lot of pitfalls when it comes to audio quality. In many cases, speaker drivers usually underperform and in most cases, are aligned to face the wrong direction. With all these disadvantages, many TV owners have begun embracing the use of TV soundbars to boost audio streaming. And that’s the reason that we are digging into this with our Top Ten Soundbars and speaker bar reviews.

Thanks to vast technology developments, shoppers interested in the 2016 best TV soundbars have a lot to look forward to. If you’re interested in top notch quality sound, purchasing one of the best TV soundbars is the simplest way of equipping your television with the required sonic steroids. The good news is that all modern screens allow the option of using an external speaker.

So, what should you look for when trying to find the best deals on good sound bars?

Well, it’s important to mention that just like any other gadget, soundbars come in various shapes and sizes. In terms of pricing, it is possible to acquire a good soundbar from as little as $150 to well over $1500. The pocket friendly brands are equipped with all the basic connections which include a digital optical socket. Expensive brands come with superior features such as wireless audio streaming technologies that include Bluetooth and AirPlay. Also, there are HDMI inputs, top-notch speaker drivers, enhanced power as well as decoding of Blu-ray sound formats.

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Design issues cannot be ignored. When it comes to soundbars, a lot of people want to purchase an item that is not only a high performer but a visually appealing one  as well. When you check the 2015 top ten soundbars, you’ll realize that while some can be comfortably placed in front of your TV, others have to be mounted on a wall or placed on separate shelves. No matter what your budget, it is possible to give your TV a deserving sound upgrade.

1. Q Acoustics Media 4

Q Acoustics Media 4
Image Source: www.amazon.com

These soundbars are simple but very effective when it comes to audio quality. Retailing at about $650, it’s possibly one of the best TV soundbars currently on the market. The design is simple but rock solid. You don’t really have a lot of sound modes to switch between but whatever sound you get is rich, powerful and refined. The vocals are impressive thanks to the in-built subwoofer that is surprisingly powerful and comes with a nice Bluetooth audio.

2. Yamaha YSP-2500

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If you’re into home cinemas and you treasure high quality sound, Yamaha YSP-2500 is a good deal. Compared to Q Acoustics Media 4, Yamaha YSP-2500 is considered superior especially with its cutting edge technologies. The YSP-2500 relies on 16 tiny beam drivers and comes with a separate wireless subwoofer to ensure there’s constant high quality sound from Dolby True HD bitstreams and Blu-ray DTS HD MA.

Retailing at approximately $999.95, there’s a lot of offerings for consumers to enjoy. There are several sound modes that you can change to; iOS/Android app is particularly excellent.

Yamaha YSP 2500 Sound Bar More Info:

Yamaha YSP-2500 Sound Bar with Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer

Brand Yamaha
Color Black
Subwoofer Wireless
Connectivity Wired, bluetooth
Wall Mountable No
Inputs 3 HDMI, 2 optical, 1 coaxial
Product Dimensions 5.6 x 37.1 x 2 inches
List Price $999.95
Item Weight 26.2 pounds
Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Length & Power Output 37.1-inch 162 W (7.1 channels) – ideal for 40-inch and larger TVs
Price Disclaimer

3. Sonos Playbar

For those looking for a wireless surround sound system, Sonos Playbar features prominently on the list of 2015 TV soundbars. With a retail price of approximately $860, Sonos Playbar resembles Q Acoustics Media 4 because it uses a non-HDMI device that relies on an optical to hook up to a TV.

sonos player soundbar

When used as a stand-alone, it produces massive sonic boost for your television. There’s only one disadvantage though; in order to operate it, you need a tablet app or a smartphone. The advantage is that it is seamlessly compatible with a Sonos wireless system. You can also use it in a 5:1 set up where you have 3 front speakers with two play and 1s acting as rears.

Sonos Playbar More Info:

SONOS PLAYBAR TV Sound Bar/Wireless Streaming Music Speaker

Brand Sonos
Color Black
Product Dimensions 35.4 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches
Item Weight 11.9 pounds
Requires 2 Cords One power cord, one optical cord (both included).
Speaker Connectivity Wireless
List Price $699.00
Display Height 5.50 inches
Width 3.30 inches
Price Disclaimer

4. Focal Dimension

With a price tag of approximately $1250, Focal Dimension is a well known brand that is uniquely versatile. You can also use an optional plinth-style subwoofer which costs approximately $520. The architecture is impressively good considering the extruded aluminum. If you’re looking for the best deals on TV soundbars, this brand with a flexible design is also appropriate for people who have large spaces.

focal dimension
Image Source: soundandvision.com

The HDMI sockets are less but fortunately have the capability to effectively decode high resolution Blu-ray soundtracks. Focal Dimension is known for its impressive power with its six channels having extremely high levels of clarity.

5. Canton DM 50

best soundbars
Image Source: Amazon.co.uk

If you’re a lover of great sonics, Canton DM 50 is the perfect soundbase that puts it in the category of 2015 best TV soundbars. The price tag for this soundbar is almost $500. Apart from the pseudo-surround mode, Canton DM 50 is well respected among 2015 best TV soundbars because of its exclusive design, impeccable sound quality and superior build quality.

You can use this brand to run your regular TV as well as music and movie soundtracks streamed by a Bluetooth. It has a scrolling display that is seen at the front grille when it is on. It is interesting and nice to operate because of a well designed menu and a powerful remote control system.

6. Samsung HW-H750

Image Source: samsung.com
Image Source: samsung.com

There is no doubt that there are several good soundbars; However, Samsung HW-H750 is known for excellent connectivity and top notch audio streaming. The price tag is around $620 and blends together both traditional and modern cutting-edge systems. Its valve amplifier emits a pleasant warm sound.

This brand is known to be very versatile because it can comfortably handle both Bluetooth and HDMI. It can also successfully hook on to Samsung multi-room system and has the capability to work with a Samsung multi-room system and successfully play a lot of numerous hi-res audio files that are streamed on a home network.

Samsung HW-H750 More Features:

Samsung HW-H750 4.1 Channel 320 Watt Audio Soundbar with Built-In Wi-Fi (2014 Model)

Brand Samsung
Color Black
Length & Power Output 37.1-inch 320 W (4.1 channels) – ideal for 40-inch and larger TVs
Format CD-ROM
Subwoofer Built-In Wireless
Connectivity Bluetooth Only
Wall Mountable Yes
List Price $949.99
Remote Yes, Included
Inputs 1 audio, 1 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out, 1 optical
Item Weight 7.3 pounds
Product Dimensions
37.1 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches
Price Disclaimer


7. Monitor Audio ASB-2

Image Source: forum.munkonggadget.com
Image Source: forum.munkonggadget.com

Looking for a quality soundbar? Monitor Audio ASB-2 priced at approximately $1,100 stands tall and needs a dedicated wall mount or shelf to support it. It has a top drawer acoustic that works very well. It can work well with AirPlay and AirStream Direct but lacks the common Bluetooth facility. It is possible to put up a separate subwoofer but the ASB-2 performs excellently to fill smaller rooms with a pleasing sounds.

8. Sony HT-CT770

Image Source: soundvisionreview.com
Image Source: soundvisionreview.com

The list for 2015 top TV soundbars is not complete without Sony HT-CT770 that has Dolby recording and has a tag price of approximately $430. This soundbar is only 5cm tall and works well if put in front of contemporary TV screens that have low stands. The specs are desirable with both a Dolby Digital and HDMI optical output. The sound emitted from these speakers is very powerful. Bluetooth is available and the speakers are definitely a wonderful choice for any 2015 top TV soundbar shoppers.

9. Toshiba SBM1W

Image Source: toshiba.com
Image Source: toshiba.com

The performance capability associated with this brand is very impressive despite the fact it is one of the best deals for TV soundbars. The connectivity is desirable with both a coaxial and optical digital output. There is also analog in and the Bluetooth and the sound is immensely superior to that found in regular built TV bars.

10. Humax STE1000BSW

This is the world’s thinnest soundbar and is classified among the best TV soundbars because despite its size, it delivers exceptionally well. With a price tag of slightly less than $300, when placed on its stand, its only 6.6cm tall and 2cm deep. No doubt, the STE1000BSW is really attractive with an amazing remote. It is simple to operate once you get to understand what the different shades of the LED light mean. The speaker also comes with DSP modes that deliver top performance results. When well mounted, it works surprisingly well.

Image Source: avforums.com
Image Source: avforums.com

If you’re planning to a soundbar, the above 2016 Top Ten TV soundbars are perfect to choose from. As mentioned before, factors such as performance, price and aesthetic beauty are really important. Of course, remember to check for warranty issues with your vendor before purchasing and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!