Whilst certain health experts and feng shui gurus seem to think that we need to keep our bedrooms tech-free in order to enjoy a good night’s sleep, the reality is that most of us like to enjoy a little technological assistance in just about every part of our lives.

This is especially so as there are plenty of fantastic innovations like TV beds that can help us unwind, as well as interesting gadgets that can actually improve the quality of our sleep.

Anybody who lives near a busy road will know how unwelcome noisy traffic sounds can be in the middle of the night. This is why white noise makers like the Lectrofan can be a life-saver as they use random and constant white noise to subtly mask any outside sounds without interrupting the quality of your sleep.  There are some really amazing white noise makers or soothing sounds that can make drifting off to sleep easier, better and eliminates any outside noise that might bother you.

Most of us will probably be in the habit of taking a smartphone or tablet to bed to catch up on social media before we turn out the lights. But seeing as there is still uncertainty as to whether the blue light emitted by these devices interferes with our sleeping patterns, it could be worthwhile to download the Bluelight app to make sure that smartphone use isn’t making it harder to get to sleep.

Techie SenseWhile alarm clocks have been with us since the 18th century, there are far more pleasant ways to wake up in the 21st century. And what lazy Sunday morning couldn’t be made so much better than by waking up in one of Bedstar’s TV beds that gives you the opportunity to binge-watch your way through the latest Netflix hit before brunchtime comes around.

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If TV beds weren’t enough, then consider how smart technology has even infiltrated the humble mattress. For example, Luna’s Smart Mattress has already generated plenty of headlines for the oddly amazing way that it tracks your sleep and adjusts everything from the room temperature to the mood lighting within the room.  The Luna Smart Mattress can  even provide a musical accompaniment as you drift off to dreamland for a very 21st century bedroom experience.


Techiesense.comBut if you’re really looking to impress any visitors to your tech-friendly bedroom, then think about investing in one of these amazing plasma nightlights. Not only will it keep away any night terrors, but it will provide a pretty impressive light show that shows that it’s not just TV beds that can keep us entertained in our bedrooms.

Creating an amazingly high tech and unique bedroom isn’t that hard to do anymore.  With all the various gadgets, computers and tech gear available you can truly have something that’s unique to you and a lot of fun as well!  Which ideas are your favorite ones to try out next?

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