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It seems as if we are living in more complicated and dangerous times which is perhaps a reason for why our Best Tactical Pen Reviews was even considered as a blog post topic this month!  The rate of crime has increased and we frequently hear stories of attacks, rapes, muggings that happen even in broad daylight. There are numerous cases of people who are attacked on the street and are unable to retaliate or get help from a passerby.

So while it might be nice if the police or other professional assistance were close at hand when we needed the help, it frequently doesn’t work out that way.  My sister was strolling through what was considered a safe section of Boston, Massachuseets in broad daylight when she was attacked one day! In this regard, it makes sense to find techniques that help you defend yourself in case someone attacks you. You can never know what awaits you around the corner. Nowadays, you have to extra careful when going out for walks, visiting the park, walking along dark narrow streets and using staircases.

Best Tactical Pen Reviews:

What is a Tactical Pen?

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A tactical pen is a multipurpose pen which is specially designed to be used both as normal pen and as a defense weapon when needed. The appearance, size and shape resemble that of an ordinary pen. However, tactical pens are powerful and smart self-defense tools which are tiny and easy to carry around; this means, you can hide them in your pocket.

So what makes the best tactical pen? Some pens are designed with sharp points which are concealed in their tip while others a little heavier than an ordinary pen because they’re manufactured using high grade steel which enables you to strike the attacker with maximum force. Tactical pens are called multi-tools because aside from writing and self-defense, some of them can also break glass when there’s an attack or an emergency such as fire.

A tactical pen is designed for individuals who don’t wish to carry around a gun for self-defense but instead, wish to carry an ordinary item that can double up as a weapon. The advantage of tactical pens is that not many people see them as a weapon. This means in case of an attack, the attacker may not notice you have something that you can use to defend yourself with and hurt them. This is the best way you can respond to a surprise attack…..by having a little surprise of your own!

How to Use a Tactical Pen

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If you haven’t used a tactical pen before, there are several way with which tactical pens can be used for self defense. However, there are 2 major ways you can use a tactical pen.

  • Use it like a Sword or Stick: If you hold a tactical pen with a tight grip, you can strike effectively and potentially cause harm to your attacker. If successful in striking an attacker, you will inflict pain which might distract an attacker if even only momentarily.  It’s best to run away after you have distracted or injured them in any way, before they get their focus back.
  • Use the tactical pen like a knife: When you turn this pen upside down, you can knife your attacker. The strike should catch them by surprise and give you enough time to flee for the same reasons as mentioned above.

What You Should Know When Using a Tactical Pen

what is a tactical pen

  • The main reason to use a tactical pen during an attack is to free yourself from an attacker and run away and not to kill them. In as much as this pen can cause pain to your attacker to allow you time to flee, it can cause death as well if you attack violently.
  • Tactical pens are primarily purchased because you intend to use them as self-defense weapons. So it doesn’t make sense to purchase this pen if your only intent is to use it as an ordinary pen for writing notes.  It’s more expensive a writing tool than most of us need.
  • Find out whether you are allowed to carry a tactical pen to the plane or not. As we all know, these days any form of weapon is potentially subject to confiscation.  And a tactical pen definitely can fit within that category.  In fact, you could find yourself potentially detained as well by the authorities if you attempt to board with one.

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Types of Tactical Pens

For shoppers looking for tactical pens, there are different types of these pens which are available on the market. To help you determine which of these pens might suit you best, reading tactical pen reviews can help showcase the differences and cost of the various options available.

To make it simple for you, we’ve come up with a list of the 7 best tactical pen brands on the market based on reviews from users:

Smith & Wesson Military and Police Tactical Pen


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This pen which costs $28 is one of the top rated brands on the market. It is lightweight weighing 1.4 ounces and a length of 6.1 inches. The pen uses Parker and Hauser ink to help users enjoy their writing experience when using it for more traditional uses. In addition, T6061 Aircraft Aluminum is used to manufacture the metal ensuring the pen is both powerful and durable. Both ends of this tactical pen have a tip; one end is used for writing, the other one for fighting. Judging from the various tactical pen user reviews, it is easy to conclude Smith and Wesson tactical pen is loved by users who are completely satisfied with the performance of the product.

Schrade Tactical Pen

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This tactical pen is manufactured using CNC machined 6061 aircraft aluminum and is shorter in length when you compare it to the Smith and Wesson tactical pen.  This one measures 5.7 inches and weighs in at 1.6 ounces. This tactical pen costs $25 and has an added feature that allows you to screw the cap on and off . A Houser Parker cartridge accompanies the pen making it comfortable to use for writing. A lot of users who’ve written tactical pen reviews about Schrade tactical pen love it because it fits well in the pocket.

Benchmade 1100 Series Charcoal Black Pen

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This is one of the more common and classic tactical pens on the market today.  It has an ergonomic pattern and has a black and blue pattern. The tip of this pen is made out of carbide while the cap, black grip and body are manufactured using anodized charcoal. Benchmade 1100 Series using blue ink and its carbide tip can even break glass easily. According to tactical pen reviews the ratings for this product is a solid five stars thanks to its impeccable features. Recently priced at $114, the tactical pen writes extremely well and is a powerful weapon that can cause massive damage.

C-Pioneer Dito Bamboo Shaped Stainless Steel Tactical Pen

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Retailing at $55 when checked, this tactical pen is rated highly and is manufactured using stainless steel which is capable of resisting just about any form of impact. The design consists of a solid grip and you can use a metal grip to keep the pen attached to your pocket. The pen writes well and the cartridge is Fisher Space Pen. Unlike most tactical pens that resemble a writing pen, this one looks more like that of a powerful weapon.

Cold Steel Pocket Shark Tactical Pen

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The design of this pen is similar to that of an ordinary pen. It is 7.5 x 4 x 1 inches.  The design looks impressive and elegant and the pen is associated with a tight grip. Cold Steel Sharkie is manufactured using glass reinforced Grivory and its wall is four times thicken than that of a common writing pen. The body and tip is very strong in order to withstand repeated impacts. The narrow and sharp tip can cause deep wounds which cause severe pain to the attacker.

Uzi Defender Tactical Glassbreaker Pen

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Uzi tactical pen has been designed specifically to enable it to shatter glass whenever the need arises. The pen is produced using high quality, aircraft grade aluminum which enhances its power and performance. With a recently checked retail price of $14, this tactical pen is made in a stealthy gun metal color and is loved by many users for the way it writes exceptionally well and, at the same time, serves as a powerful self-defense weapon.

ProMag Archangel Defense Pen

what is a tactical pen

This tactical pen is specifically designed for use by the military and police. It is manufactured using CNC Machined T6 aircraft grade aluminum as well as a Black Type III hard anodized coating. Users of this product are guaranteed a lifetime of use.

Obviously we’d love it if we lived in a world where even thinking about needing a tool like this was completely unnecessary.  However, it’s not that way.  Being alert, playing it safe and smart are always going to be your best defenses.  If you feel that you do need or want a tactical pen, then these are the best tactical pens on the market today to choose from!  Let us know your thoughts on these pens in the comments and our Facebook page!

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