Selecting one of the best digital camera brands for your ever so cherished moments is often daunting with so much to consider and so many camera brands available in the market.

If you already know which particular brand and model you want to buy, it becomes easy – simply visit the store and purchase one. But the problem arises, when we don’t know which one we want from the range of camera brands available via offline and online sources.

You will come across cheap as well as expensive cameras. It seems as if every camera is awesome when you start browsing the recommendations by the dealers or online portals. So here we bring you a guide on the best quality digital camera brands and what to look for when you plan to buy.

Let’s start the analysis by breaking the digital cameras into 3 different types in order to make your selection easier:

  • DSLRs: These have big sensors with interchangeable lenses and are the favorite amongst professionals.
  • Compact Cameras: These are ideal for easy clicks and portable, however, anyone with a desire to become a professional photographer may not be happy with these.
  • Mirrorless cameras: Sensors are sized like DSLR and interchangeable lenses are available as well but they are designed in a novice friendly way with light and smaller versions.

Now, would you like to know the best digital camera brands once you know which type of cameras to buy? Here are some of the best brands with high performance ratio in the last year:


canon logoThis is a well known multinational company from Japan that is highly regarded in the world of digital cameras in recent years. They specialize in imaging and optical products like camcorders, computer printers and now are a pioneers in manufacturing DSLRs.

Being the global leader in digital camera brands, Canon is miles ahead of all its competitors for its technology, variety and market research.

This is one brand that is preferred the most by aspiring photographers for its quality and features.

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Nikon LogoFound in 1917 by Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha, Nikon is another famous brand which has been credited for giving the era of digital cameras the first SLR cameras for NASA and is presently the second largest in manufacturing the imaging and optical products.

Nikon cameras are popular for their cutting edge features, sleek designs and high quality pictures it delivers.

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sony logoThis is another leading brand in consumer electronics and is the third largest manufacturer after Nikon and Canon. This brand is quite renowned for its user friendly models which can be used by all types of buyers whether an expert or a novice.

Sony Alpha SLT-A57 Black SLR, Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Black, Sony Alpha NEX-F3 Black, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 and Sony Alpha NEX-7 Black have been added to the top charts of highest selling digital cameras around the globe.


kodak logoOne of the oldest camera manufacturing brands, Kodak was established in 1889, and this is why it is worth the mention in my list of camera brands on as it has been recognized for over a century for its famous photographic films.

While it has had an amazing reputation and contribution to the world of picture taking over the years, the brand could not meet the transition into the digital era as proficiently as other brands.  Because of that, Kodak brand has ceased the production of digital cameras.


philips logo

This renowned Dutch Electronics brand, Philips was found in 1891. The brand offers reliable range of digital cameras which have won the hearts of professional photographers for years now.

Some of the best models from Philips ESP-80 , Philips are Philips PT44434, Philips ESP-60 and Philips ESP-2.



Olympus has quite a reputation when it comes to non SLR or mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lens option. Compact mirrorless cameras are easy to carry, as they are simple, lighter and less intrusive compared to DSLR cameras. Its flagship camera model E-5 which was launched in 2010 is still continuing to be available in market

The E-5 is its flagship DSLR camera available in the market since its launch in 2010.



A famous name in popular brands of electronics, Samsung has secured its place in the top charts of best digital cameras as well. The brand not only enjoys credibility for its name but also for superb quality cameras with great innovations.

Their innovations cannot be overlooked in the world of smartphone photography and this is another reason people have started exploring its world of digital cameras in recent years.  I currently have the Samsung Galaxy camera and we’ll be reviewing that in the near future.



A trusted brand name since years, Fujifilm is still a talked about in the era of digital cameras. This Japanese brand went hand in hand with Kodak during early years when these two were the pioneers in the world of photography. While Kodak could not survive the transition, Fujifilm has made its name with wonderful models and superb quality pictures.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujifilm X10 are their latest additions to the market. If you are planning to buy this one to start with your photography lessons, you can buy from the Fujifilm FinePix series as it offers the best selling products.



Pentax is one of the well-known brands today when it comes to digital camera. It first rose into popularity in 1957 with the launch of the Asahi Pentax single lens reflex camera and has grown tremendously ever since. Pentax fills the gap that exists between lower end camera that offers few features and high-end DSLR cameras that big brands offer.

This brand looks to produce camera that meant for people that don’t have enough money to afford high-end camera. Pentax cameras boast of durability, ease to use and comes with tons of features at a budget cost. Some of the best models that Pentax offers include the Pentax K-3, Pentax K-50, the Pentax Q7 and the Pentax LX.


Panasonic has always been one of the global leaders when it comes to effective electronics and different ranges of cameras. This company specializes in different products such as TV, smartphones and cameras. For a long time, Panasonic boasts of top quality and high-end cameras.


When it comes to cameras, this company has been a world leader in providing the best user experience. Cameras from Panasonic are known and user friendly. The image quality is among the top draws that Panasonic offers and the brand always try to stay ahead from its competitors. The best range of cameras from Panasonic comes from the Lumix series with top models being the Panasonic Lumix G3, the Lumix LX100, Lumix LF1 and the Lumix G6.

So, when it comes to creating memories, buy a trusted brand of digital cameras so that each time you click, you get the results that you wanted! With photography evolving so much over the years, go for the latest technology and features to bring out your shutterbug best.

The list may not be that surprising, but sometimes a mere mention of the best gives the trigger to those thoughts in your mind and this is what I am doing.

Let me know what is you pick when it comes to buying best digital camera as a professional or a novice in the comments below.

After we all want that perfect smile on our faces even if we are at the other end saying…Cheeeeeeeeese!!!!!