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(Updated February, 2017) Are you always looking for handy tools to make your work easier? Do you keep forgetting where you have parked your car? Are you irritated with your habit of losing shopping coupons?

Fortunately, you can now say “goodbye” to these woes and embrace the fun and helpfulness of some of the best Android apps for utility purposes.  They promise to add various functionalities and make your life a lot easier.

Read on for some exciting utility apps that you must have on your Android phone.

Valet – Free

Valet android app

This is a car locator app that remembers where you’ve parked your car and allows you to set parking meter timers and street sweeping alarms. You can use this app to locate your bike or camping spot too. This would come in really handy in the parking lots of large spaces like malls, airport/railway stations or camping areas.

Google Goggles – Free

Google Goggles

This app helps you access information about a famous landmark, barcode, or any product; just by taking its picture. Google will access the picture, search its database and give you all the useful information. It recognizes books, DVDs, CDs and translates foreign text languages too.

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My Measures and Dimensions – $3.82

My Measures & Dimensions

Like the name suggests, this app is all about measurements and dimensions. Take a picture of the object whose dimensions you wish to store; add arrows, angles or text ;and save the dimensions in different folders. You can share your measurements with others too.

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View Ranger GPS & Topo Maps – Free

View Ranger GPS & Topo Maps

This is a navigation and mapping app that works in an offline mode. If you are a camping and/or hiking enthusiast, then this app helps you access thousands of routes and trails, records your path, navigates your active route and finds out distances– all without a mobile signal. However, for real time location sharing, you will need access to mobile data.

Bubble Level – Free

Bubble Level app

This app helps you ensure that an object is leveled properly. You need to hold any side of your phone against the object that needs to be leveled, or lay it on flat surface for a 360° level. After downloading this app, you can calibrate, show angles and lock your orientation too.

Smart Tools – $2.48

smart tools android

‘Smart Tools’ is a set of virtual tools that you can use for measuring purposes. It has 16 different tools that can be used for measuring length, distance, sound, vibrations, light and so on. It has a unit converter, compass/GPS and a metal detector also. Appropriately, this is one of the most downloaded utility apps for Android!

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First Aid – American Red Cross – Free

First Aid - American Red Cross

This app offers access to expert medical advice for all conceivable emergencies. There are videos, animations and interactive quizzes that will make the act of learning first aid full of fun. It’s integrated with the SOS call number ‘911’ so that you can call for help, if necessary. With First Aid, you get instant access to reliable safety information–without an internet connection.

Convertpad – Free

Convertpad appThis unit converter app helps you with all the conversions that you may need to do. It ably converts currencies, time, lengths, distances, shoes, clothes sizes and electric units like dB/watts/voltage; and a lot more.



Cam Scanner – Free + in app purchases

Cam Scanner app

Helping you scan documents and store them in a PDF or JPEG format, this app can digitize all the paper documents in your office. It further enhances your text and images to offer better results.

Key Ring – Free

Key Ring Reward Cards & CouponKey Ring is an app that lets you store your club and loyalty membership cards, shopping vouchers, rewards and coupons on your phone. Simply save the relevant bar-code or membership code and you will be notified about all available offers/sales that come your way. You can create and share shopping lists or set reminders with it too.

Now, don’t let things like directions, shopping coupons, club membership cards and other trivial issues take your smile away. With these apps on your device, you may look forward to lesser hassles, more time for entertainment and completion of your work within pre-defined time frames.

So, what are you waiting for?

Simply download these amazing Android utility apps 2017 (that are the best in the industry) and gear yourself for some exciting times ahead.

All the best! [Image Sources: Flickr, Prospere]


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