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When we talk about an All in One computer, what are the basic features in a PC that make up the best All-in-One computer? Presently the big screen All-in-One PCs are considered the best dual purpose PCs. You can use them for PC games, use the productivity apps, work and to surf the web too. Thanks to technological enhancements that allow you to use the HDMI in/ out ports to connect to XBox or you can use cable plugins to connect the PC to a set top box and watch TV. It really makes it a multi-purpose computer!

Let us go through a detailed review as to why should you go for an All in One PC and what are the features that you should look for in an All-in-One PC.

What is appealing about All-in-One computers?

An All-in-One PC is a great addition to your office or home. The design of any computer is one of the important features and is outstanding with an All-in-One PC. Essential components get smoothly fitted into the monitor or base, thus saving you from having to find a place for a bulky tower. (And no matter where you place them, they always create a mess!) The clean and minimal wireless look gives a classy effect to the room. All-in-One PCs have top of the chart robust features, packed in a sleek design to enhance the look of your office, family room or any space. If you buy an All-in-One desktop, there is no need to buy separate monitor. Plus time for installation and setup is minimal making it faster to start using it after activation, unlike traditional PCs.

What is the best All in One computer and what should you look for?

When making a choice to purchase a new computer, you want to make sure that the one you select has the right features for you. Here’s an overview of some of the important feature that you should look for in an All-in-One computer.

Systems Performance

This will decide how well your PC will operate. If you are a graphic designer or a photo editor then a home computer, whether it’s a PC or Mac, with high resolution display should be your first choice. Go for the 6 GB RAM and 64 bits processor at least. Many All-in-One computers have 1 TB memory. If you want to browse or play movies or video games quickly, higher end brands tend to load faster. If you want to run huge movie and music collection, then large hard disk space is essential. Since you cannot upgrade components in an All-in-One computer so think of how much speed, processing and hard drive you will need. If you want the computer to run for several years then go for larger hard drives and setups, unless you plan to use an external hard drive storage.


For those of that want an All-in-One computer we expect that it will easily connect to plugins whereby you can comfortably watch movies or play games. For this you want to make sure that your all in one PC has an HDMI in/out port to connect to game consoles, Blu Ray drive or the TV. This gives you the flexibility to watch long movies, listen to music and play games with friends and families. You can have Ample 3.0 or 2.0 so that you can connect to external devices like peripherals or hard drive without running out of space. Some of the higher end All-in-One models come with Thunderbolt port to make data transfer faster.

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The design aspect of a computer cannot be neglected especially in an All-in-One computer. Most of today’s PCs are light weight and portable and can be moved from one room to another, which is a major a plus if space is limited. The virtually wireless look and the gigantic screen give a classy, high tech feel to your office or room. The design factor definitely adds an aesthetic appeal to your choice.

If you ask me I would say an All in One PC has the best combination between laptops and stationary PCs. They remain light and portable but offer powerful features.

There are many All-in-One reviews in the market, but let us look at the top 5 All in One computers from our analysis and research.

All in One Computers Reviews

1) XPS One by Dell

Although IMac have led the way in this category XPS Dell One outshines the rest. If you want an uber stylish PC with power packed features then this should definitely be your buy. It is powered by a fourth generation Intel core processor and has Windows 8. It has really bright text and the most versatile touch display features. Included in this system is I Adobe RGN quad HD panel and articulating stand.

HP Envy All in One Review

2) HP Envy 23 do60 quad Touchsmart

This All-in-One PC delivers superb performance and comes in a sleek design. It has got a sturdy build and uses the third generation Intel core processor. It has 12 GB RAM and an impressively large 3TB memory hard drive. It also offers a 23 inch touch screen and Bluray optical drive. It has got a built in 4.0 Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11 a/ b/g/n. The Envy 23 Touchsmart also offers Windows 8.

Dell Optilex 9010 Computer Review

3) Dell Optilex 9010 Alo

The USP of this All-in-One PC is its articulated stand and VESA mount point. The double jointed stand allows you to move the screen up and down and slightly forward. The standard VESA mount point can be well articulated for a versatile placement. The keyboard is the first of its kind, a chiclet style unit that have been found on a desktop. From the practical point of view it is one of the best Aios on the market.

Acer Aspire Computer Review4) Acer Aspire 7600 U

It has a mesmerizing look with 27 inch touch screen, edge to edge glass bezel and clear glass base. It holds a third generation Intel i5 core processor, 8 GB RAM and a discrete Nvidia Ge force GT640 M graphics card. This All-in-One has 1 TB of hard drive space and a built in 4.0 bluetooth. It has Blu ray optical drive and runs Windows 8.

Samsung All in One Computers5) Samsung Series 7

The aesthetic design sense of Samsung is shown in its design mechanism and 23.6 inch display screen. The core i5 processor helps provide everyday smooth performance. The power button is on the front. The series 7 comes with plenty of ports. In few words it delivers a solid nice looking a All in One PC. Gaming is a demotivating factor in this all in one PC.

The above five rank at the top for the best All in One computer in the PC market. With this info for a base, you can now determine what and how you will use your computer and what features are important. If you have limited space and want a PC that looks great in any setting, go for these kinds of All-in-One PCs.

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