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Do you always carry your laptop around and work on it from your lap and don’t use a laptop stand? After using a laptop for a while, you start to feel strain on your wrist and neck because you are not using the proper position to work on one for long hours like most of us do. Moreover, prolonged use of a laptop leads to heat build up at the bottom of your laptop. As a laptop user, you definitely need a portable laptop stand which you can use while on the go. We’ve compiled a list of 20 awesome laptop stands you can check out.

mStand Laptop Stand

laptop stand

This is an amazing laptop stand made of a single sturdy piece of aluminum. mStand will transform your laptop into a stunning desktop counterpart and features elegant curves and silver anodized finish. This single piece design solidly holds a laptop while the aluminum panel acts a heat sink to keep your laptop cool.

This adjustable laptop stand has a hole in the back of the stand to route wires and reduce the clutter. I really like that feature!  Long-term use of a laptop as the main computing device can strain your body because you tend to hunch down to see the screen and type. mStand raises the laptop screen 5.9 inches to meet your eye level thus promoting better posture while its tilt design brings the screen closer for easier viewing.

With an external keyboard and mouse, mStand creates an ideal ergonomic desktop setup for laptop users. This laptop stand is compatible with all sizes of Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, Powerbook. Also fits most 14″ standard PC and 15″ widescreen PC with depths not more than 10.4 inches.

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

laptop stands

This laptop stand combines ergonomic comfort for you and increased airflow and heat reduction for your laptop. This metal laptop stand for desks by AmazonBasics makes it easy to take your workstation to a new level of ease and efficiency. The laptop stand accommodates all sizes of 13 inch and 14-inch standard laptops with depths measuring 9.4 inches or less.

It raises the computer screen height up by 6.1 inches (155 mm), distributes heat away from the laptop and tilts the laptop slightly forward, which brings the screen in closer for clearer and more comfortable viewing.

 Roost Laptop Stand

laptop stand for desk

This ultra portable and adjustable laptop stand transforms your laptop into an ergonomic desktop working station.  The Roost is incredibly strong despite its small size. The fact that this laptop stand is light in weight makes it easy to carry it with you everywhere. The Roost elevates your laptop screen 6″ to 10″ off the desk to an ergonomic height to eye height. You can use this laptop stand with a portable Bluetooth keyboard and external mouse.

This stand fits works well with all makes and models of Apple laptops and fits with a chassis less than 0.75’’ thick. The Roost laptop stand prevents computer-related and workplace injuries, such as Repetitive Stress Injury (Strain) (RSI), Carpal and Cubital Tunnel, tendonitis in your forearms and wrists, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines.

Merkury Innovations Laptop Cooling Stand

Merkury Innovations Laptop Cooling Stand

This incredible laptop stand for those couch sitters has a fan that ventilates through the metal grill to keep your device from overheating. It features two adjustable anti slip props to fit a 9-17 inch laptop or notebook. It also has multiple angles well placed to compliment your sitting position. It’s sturdy and solid for resting your wrists and typing on your lap or flat surface. Blows air at your wrists as my hands get warm when typing a lot. You can rest your hands and cool them off as well. Powers through your computer’s USB port, USB cord included and extra USB port for an additional accessory such as a mouse or webcam.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand

laptop stand for couch

This adjustable laptop stand is designed allow you to set up an office anywhere. It is easy to carry with a lightweight aluminum frame. This device makes a perfect desk for your laptop and easily has several uses such as laptop desk or standing desk.  It also includes a mouse pad extension which is very nice for a more permanent setup situation. It seems very well made with many of the parts metal. Its features clips which go to the front of the tray to help prevent the laptop from slipping off.

Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

portable laptop stand

Keeps your laptop running cooler with this sleek-looking ventilated laptop stand from AmazonBasics (its second one in this list). Combining metal-mesh ventilated panels with an adjustable height, the laptop stand provides a better experience for you and better conditions for your laptop. The height of the ventilated laptop stand can be adjusted as needed.

Made with fine-gauge metal mesh panels, the sleek, sturdy laptop stand helps keep laptops cooler. The stand’s forward tilt improves airflow around and under the laptop, while its flat mesh platform (where the laptop sits) absorbs and distributes heat away from the laptop.

Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Laptop Stand

adjustable laptop stand

This laptop stand is a clean modern design that raises your monitor 4.0 inch to a comfortable and ergonomically correct viewing height to reduce neck strain. The metal monitor stand helps your laptop fit into your life in function and form. Forged from steel, this stand provides a sturdy shelf for your monitor or printer up to 40 lb.

It also leaves a space beneath for your keyboard for other office supplies. The compact base is perfect for flat panel monitors and even laptops. A simple, curved design and powder-coated finish help create a balance between the comfortable feel of your home or office and the technical convenience of your computer.

Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Stand

metal laptop stand

This laptop stand lifts your laptop to a comfortable viewing height. Elevator portable laptop stand has a sturdy brushed aluminum and minimal design which makes it a great desk décor. This stand holds your portable laptop safely and securely at just the right height to match external monitors and to save you from straining your neck.

Elevator conforms to health and safety standards, making your laptop safer and more comfortable to use all day long. These key ergonomic standards are made possible using Elevator with an external keyboard.

Allsop Redmond Adjustable Curve Vented Laptop Stand

laptop stand for couch

This adjustable laptop stand combines functionality and style.  Allsop Redmond Adjustable Curve Vented Laptop Stand is based on ergonomic design that adjusts of your screen to a correct height tied to clean, metal styles that compliments a home office. It raises your laptop screen to correct height and locks it in place. You can adjust the height by sliding the black feet along the stand’s sturdy curved legs which is pretty impressive way to handle this. The ventilated platform dissipates heat and keeps laptop cool.

Those are our best laptop stand options for this year!  We’re sure that you can find one to several that would be perfect for your needs and allow you to work efficiently and safely. Which are your favorite laptop stands?  Let us know in the comments below!